Your Turn!

R ecently I shared some of my favorite reads with you, and now it’s your turn! I have 4 un-used credits at Paper Back Swap and would love some recommendations for books to look for! Share your latest favorite read with me, please!

Thanks to all who left comments on my Weird Wednesday post. Wow, I guess I know now how to get comments on my blog -either give something away :), or post about something controversial! I wish I had time to answer each comment, but with the holiday this week I’m gonna have to put that on hold. I appreciate each of you who shared your opinion in a non-confrontational manner. My purpose with that post was NOT to argue or condemn, but to simply share what I am learning in hopes that each of YOU would be inspired to make informed decisions about your own health and diet convictions. I hope to have time to share more of what I am learning in the coming weeks.

And, finally – to wrap up this potpourri of a post, some random pictures of the Boy. This is him ready for a ‘venture. We think it was a ski adventure he was preparing for, with Daddy’s old season pass, Daddy’s medal from the Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged, and a too-small stocking cap. I love this little boy.

5 responses to “Your Turn!”

  1. Traci Avatar

    Oh, I'm doing Oswald Chambers, which I'm sure you've already done so I'm still not offering a whole lot of variety, lol!

  2. CVO Avatar

    I think it's great when your posts inspire lively discussion on topics that obviously mean a lot to your readers!

    Or at least I enjoy talking/learning of the latest news with the shopkeeper more than just staring in the storefront, ya know?

    I look forward to your coming info!

    Happy Thanksgiving, cousin!

  3. Karen Avatar

    Very cute indeed, that boy !!

  4. Trina Avatar

    Hey, devotionals work! I just ordered “Streams in the Dessert”. What are you reading?

  5. Traci Avatar

    I can't help you here. The only book I've had time to read as of late is my devotional and my bible.

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