Your Back Stage Pass

I’m writing an ebook.

There. I said it. Now I have to follow through. (eeek!)

Actually, I told my friends on ATIG on Facebook about the book last week (I’ve even given away two copies already as we’ve interacted on the subject!) You see, the FB page is kinda where you get sneak peaks of what’s happening at ATIG. There I upload photos quick from my phone that might take weeks to get up on the blog. There I ask reader’s opinions and tell them what’s going on just a bit before I get it in a blog post. It’s ATIG unedited and accessible – it’s even easier for me to answer comments and for us to interact with each other there then it is on the blog.

So, this is an invitation, your official back stage pass to ATIG and joining me in my newest adventure…

Writing a book.

Books are exhausting!

You see, I need your help. I’ve gotten spoiled by blogging and the awesome feedback and encouragement I receive every time I publish a post. Working on a book is a little lonely. Despite the fact that the draft to publishing time is drastically shorter with ebooks than a printed book, I still don’t think I’m gonna make it through the writing process with out your feedback and support. As excited as I am about the book-

(it’s a cookbook chock full of my best time saving stategies and techniques for cooking real food from scratch!)

-it’s a challenge, an unknown, and I’m finding writing a book takes, well, guts. Here’s an excerpt from my journal just last night…

“Can I really do this thing? Write, publish, promote, sell, be proud of, and sleep in spite of – an ebook? The doubts come as frequently as the need to blink. My mind is consumed by it. I remember with wistful fondness the days I thought I had time to read a novel. I remind myself that I do believe in the book, but still the doubts come. I’m not worthy, no one cares, I will fail. And I don’t want to fail – or even come close. I’d really like to be perfect, but then, what’s the point in that? I tell myself that the benefit is as much in the journey and the process itself, as in the end result. How I’m learning as I research topics for the book. How I’m practicing time management and learning to stay focused on a project. What a fun team effort it has been with me and Jeremy (He’s doing the formatting and graphic design!). But I continually ask myself, ‘will people like it? will it even be a small success?’ (and what is my definition of success for this project???) Then I remind myself that if even one busy wife or college student or overworked mom is able to overcome their inhibitions and objections and be encouraged and inspired to create more nourishing meals for herself and her family, I will have achieved my goal. My passion will have met its mark. I’ll be able to sleep a night!”

So, you see – I need you. If you’re at all interested in this project and want to chat about, pray for me, give me feed back (I’ve got a  title, but I’m looking for a good subtitle still!), or just find out more about ATIG behind the scenes, come on over and join. After you “like” the page, you can go straight to the wall and see what’s new, say hello, and meet other readers. I’d be delighted to meet you there!

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  1. NotUnredeemed Avatar

    I can't wait to see it/read it. The very fact that you are doing it is testimony alone. I love you and praying for you!

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