Hey, ya’ll! Long time, no talk! I promise I haven’t given up on blogging, I just have not been in a season in which I can sit down at the computer long enough to compose a blog post.

We know as moms that seasons change–sometimes week by week. No sooner do we find a rhythm that works for us, than one of our children hits a different developmental stage (whether it’s becoming mobile or suddenly ready for reading lessons–or driving lessons!) and everything has to shift and settle again.

Imagine my angst when I realized that what with homeschooling three kids, chasing a toddler, and cooking enough food to keep up with my insatiable preggo appetite, I didn’t have time to blog!

But then, imagine my delight when I discovered a way I could connect with you that fits into this season of motherhood: Instagram.


(dutch oven artisan bread, making kimchi, a sauerkraut party with friends)

For a year or two I scoffed at the bloggers I knew who had abandoned their blogs in favor of microblogging on instagram. I thought it was cheating. Well, now I realize it’s a really smart way to keep in touch if you only have minutes a day to be online.


(homemade English muffins, more artisan bread, kefir grains, the results of the sauerkraut party, and fluffy, whole wheat biscuits!)

And that is my life right now–only minutes snatched in between the beautiful busy of a very full season. The fact is, one can’t blog in 5 minute increments–it takes me 2-4 hours to craft a quality post for ya’ll. I simply haven’t had those chunks of time lately. But an Instagram post takes me 5 minutes, and satisfies the urge (calling? addiction?) I have to encourage and inspire families to eat well and thrive.


(story hour at the library, the breakfast that made us late–sourdough crepes!, adventures with Lydia in the kitchen, new recipe under development {Peanut Butter Cheescake Blondies!} and what I had for breakfast last week)

So, if you’re missing the blog, hop on over to instagram and follow me @trinaholden for real food inspiration, my latest, favorite recipes, how I’m getting my kids to eat sauerkraut, what flavor kombucha we tried this week, and my continued adventures natural yeast (sourdough)!

I also keep up with comments and questions (most days!) and recently answered this one: “Can you explain the benefits of fermentation as you have experienced them? Why does your body need ferments?” Find the answer in the comments of this post!


(First successful loaf of 100% whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread, St. Patrick’s Day smoothies {a day late!}, sourdough English muffins, and what we made when my son asked, “Mom, can you ferment fruit?”)

And I promise you that as soon as this season shifts, I’ll be back here with more regular, old-fashioned blog posts. Until then, see you on Instagram!


4 responses to “#YouCanFindMeOnInstagram”

  1. Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents Avatar

    Instagram is awesome. My favorite social media.

  2. Tammy Avatar

    I’m so happy you can still feed your addiction-haha! I like that you still make an effort even though life is in the middle of this season. I took your advice and played around on instagram. I have officially started posted pictures. This is my very 1st taste of the new world electronics and social media has created. There is a sense of excitement but also an overwhelming feeling of now keeping up. I will figure out how this all works in my personal and business life. I’m heading over to follow you right now;)

  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    my computer ignorance is showing – how to I use instagram to find you I’ve heard the name but no idea what it is! (stoneage I know) The food looked lovely and healthy. I’m well into making kefir now having found a friend of a frind on facebook who had some to spare.

    Hope all is going well with the baby in the making – we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of my little niece or nephew due date 29th so any time now

  4. Anastacia Maness Avatar

    I completely understand going through those season changes. I seem to be constantly in them myself. I whipped up a quick blog post today just because it’s been 3 weeks since I posted my last one. It’s good to give ourselves grace during these times. I’ll be watching for you on Instagram!

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