A Woman for Vice President?

Voting for a Man or a Woman

Mark Holden

The recent nomination of Sarah Palin as running-mate for the office of vice president has created some interesting discussion on the topic of men’s and women’s roles. For what it’s worth, here’s my take on the subject.

Any of you who are acquainted with my position on Biblical roles, and my history of teaching and writing, will know that I firmly believe that God has specifically designed men and women for unique roles. In the midst of that long-maintained position, a significant question arises: Would you, Mark Holden, vote for a woman for public office?

Hold on to your sun-glasses, hats, and scarves, because the unashamed answer is “Yes”! And here’s why.

God has placed women in positions of civil authority and responsibility amongst His own people. The resounding example is Deborah, of course. “And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time” Judges 4:4. There is no question that women in leadership in God’s economy are an exception, but I believe that we live in exceptional times.

In the coming election I will not be voting for a man or a woman, I will be voting for righteousness. We live in a representative republic that allows me the opportunity to vote for individuals who best represent me and my concerns. My Bible says that “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34.

So the real question is this, what candidate comes closest to righteousness? Who will represent my concern that civil authority be conducted as closely as possible to God’s standard of justice and mercy? Who will represent Biblical home-life, truth, and liberty most significantly?

Now listen men, I know that some of you really chafe at the idea that you would have to take instruction from a woman. I would like to suggest that you put that emotion to death. It is not the Spirit of God. It is the flesh. It is masculine pride.

In a day when there are so few men in the political scene who are willing to say and do hard things, is it possible that the Lord would raise a lady to do the job for Him? Is it possible that it is another way of God attempting to capture the attention of a nation that has turned?

I look forward to pulling the lever in November.

Thanks again to my father-in-law for giving permission for me to share another of his great articles! For more, visit ARCH.

7 responses to “A Woman for Vice President?”

  1. Tammy Valine Avatar
    Tammy Valine

    Yes, as a matter of fact she does breastfeed. The baby has a bed in the governor’s office. And in case you weren’t aware, over 90% of down’s syndrome pregnancies in America today are aborted. How refreshing that her pro-life stand isn’t just rhetoric!

  2. Traci Avatar

    I like what I’ve seen of Sarah Palin. She seems like a woman who was called to be a wife and mother first, and then was chosen to use her gifts in a more political role too. (As opposed to a woman whose whole agenda seems purely political) She also seems strong in her convictions.Although I can’t imagine being given such a calling, who am I to say that someone else shouldn’t be? Although I feel that a woman should be a supportive, submissive wife and a nurturing mother first and foremost.. we are often called to serve in even more ways. God has always placed unlikely people in very important roles.Plus I like that she’s real.. not condoning the sins in her closet but not pretending that she’s sinless either. What exciting times these are!

  3. Amy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the great article – I’ll have to have my parents read it, too!Amy

  4. Kateri Avatar

    I must admit, my first thought was, “How is she going to be able to breastfeed her baby and campaign at the same time?” (I really don’t know if she breastfeeds or not.) I’m sure between her and her husband, they have figured out how to best care for their children while she serves our country.It amazes me that so called feminists who fight for “women’s rights” are the ones who are coming down the hardest on her for being a mom and running for VP. You’d think they would be thrilled to see a woman who is a mother run for the 2nd most important job in the country!All I can say is that McCain made a great choice! I didn’t think he had it in him.

  5. Genuine Lustre Avatar

    At first blush, it seems wrong for a woman with a young family to take on this job. However, I also think that some people are just wired to do more, and some are called to public service. I’m excited about Palin — she’s one of us. She loves guns, babies and Jesus and so do I!

  6. Abigail Avatar

    I second the motion. 😀

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