WIFD Thursday

I did not take a picture of myself today. Apoligies to all my fans. Instead, I will post pictures of Anja and Olivia, who are over at our house for worship practice tonight.

Auntie Lee reading the busy boy a book. He was sitting down – a moment ago…

The Piggy having a piggy ride.

A and O’s femine dress. Anja is wearing a vintage skirt, Olivia’s got on a wonder tee from Down East Basics.

Olivia is modeling my newest beaded necklace I completed today. Thanks, Liv.
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4 responses to “WIFD Thursday”

  1. a downhearted fan Avatar
    a downhearted fan

    That shrug does look very nice, Anja, especially with that outfit! You and Olivia both look very snazzy! I am enjoying my new favorite word. =)

    Although I am sad there isn't a picture of you, Trina!!! But, your necklace is awesome.

  2. Anja Avatar

    A friend gave it to me but it is originally from Aeropostale. I also have a green one which I found at a thrift store.

  3. Aunt Marilyn Avatar
    Aunt Marilyn

    Fun to see all the photos! So far, 2 more skirts for me, seems to be easier to wear in our SNOWY weather here. A black skirt with blue embroidery from Ann Taylor Loft, which I especially love because I got it for $14. Today denim skirt with green cable sweater.
    Love to all

  4. Alice Avatar

    Anja, where did you get that shrug, and did it come in white? I have been looking for a shrug exactly like that for so long!

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