WIFD, Day 5

Yesterday was too hot for me to function, let alone get a picture of me looking lovely. Today it’s a tad cooler, and I’m going out, so, here’s the outfit – favorite green Old Navy skirt, Gap shirt, and my new Down East Wonder Camisole.

I’m also wearing my most favorite necklace that I’ve made so far. It works so good with this neckline.

And, to complete the outfit, borrowed olive green and pale pink ballet flats from my mother. Oh, yum!

It’s hard to get a good shot of one’s self when one’s only companion is a one year old boy, so here are scraps you shall have to piece together yourself to get the effect. I did not have time to set up a timed shot…

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    The Red Lobster

    Trina, you made that necklace? That is pretty sweet 🙂 (Not that I am into wearing necklaces myself mind you, they don't go very well with the shell)

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