While I was sleeping…

The first week after Seth was born, Jeremy had off work to take care of me. When he wasn’t running up and down the stairs with yummy meals and laundry and children, etc., he continued to tackle his list of projects. This was one of the things he surprised me with – a cupboard for my butcher block island. It had been resting on a temporary cupboard, but what I really wanted was one that I could paint the accent color in my kitchen. So he found two old cupboards, spruced them up, painted them, laminated the shelves, and fastened the butcher block to it (no more guests leaning against my island and yelping in surprise ’cause it moves!)

Jesse soon discovered that if you open all the doors on the cupboard and under the sink opposite, it creates a cow pen. The drawer pulled out is a feeding trough, dontcha know.
Thanks, Honey – it looks lovely!

On my list today is to oil my butcher block – it has gotten quite dry as I haven’t oiled it since winter! I use coconut oil because of its anti-bacterial qualities. Check out my sidebar for a wonderful source for this multi-purpose oil!

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  1. J u l i a n n a Avatar

    Dear Trina, i just started blogging, and this blog popped up, and reading you bible verse makes my heart jump. I never realised how many people who share my faith where out there,and with so many corrupt things on the enternet having your blog pop up just made my day. I bet your just a splendid person! I hope you have a great Day. 2010 looks like its going to be a promising year.

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Haha…I was one of the guests that yelped in surprise!
    The new cupboards looks lovely!

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