What we did with all that snow

We actually got snow this year!!! Yeah, I know, seems like a given when you live in upstate NY, but the fingerlakes have their own little weather system and usually only get the fringes of everyone else’s storms. Except this year…


since we don’t have a sledding hill, I decided to introduce Jesse to the art of the snow cave…


I used to call these igloos, but my son informs me that igloos are cut from blocks of ice. I stand corrected. Actually, in the above photo, I’m lying down corrected, testing the cave…ahh, yes…beautiful silence rings in my ears. There’s nothing like the sound of a snow cave, or lack there of…

There’s no extra fees for watching that video multiple times. We put it on repeat because it makes Seth and Mommy smile so much…


This time of year, Jeremy works 7 days a week. One has to get creative about date nights when life is this full. So, one night when he came home from teaching skiing all day, I put a movie on for the kids and asked him to meet me out the back door…


He crawled into the snow fort to find candles and all the makings for a little smoore feast…


(FYI a candle doesn’t actually work very well for roasting marshmellows…you pretty much have to light the marshmellow on fire in order to get anything done…)


Don’t worry, we only left the kids for a few minutes. They didn’t even miss us, but we made a fun memory.


What are you doing to make memories this winter? Do you have enough snow for a snow cave?
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8 responses to “What we did with all that snow”

  1. Amanda Medlin Avatar

    This looks like so much fun! Down here in the south (your other home), my son Jack asked me if he had even seen snow before. I had to think back and said, “yeah, when you were one.” We truly are living at opposite ends of the country right now!

  2. Jenniferkindle Avatar

    How cool is that!?!?
    I love it. Im making lanterns out of cans to hang from the back patio along with christmas lights. Hoping to have a fun dinner out there would night…maybe a vday party with the hubster and kids. My fav idea so far is packing a picnic and loading the firepit and wood to go have a picnic…kids begging but its too cold so I know they will totally love it!

  3. Jess Avatar

    Seth is super cute! That is an awesome snow cave…but I get majorly anxious just looking into it. Too many incidents of people sitting on my head in a snow bank and not being able to breathe.

  4. Erin Avatar

    Seth. Too stinkin’ cute! :]

  5. christie elkins Avatar

    Super creative and thoughtful! Sounds like a blast!

  6. Mary Avatar

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…all of it, the video, date night…everything!

  7. Lisa Mather Avatar
    Lisa Mather

    Love that!

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