What I made during the Olympics, part second

I made myself a slouchy hat. That is quite big and slouchy, which, I remind myself, is what I wanted. The pattern was the “Star Crossed Slouchy Beret” which I found for free on Ravelry (my new-found source for delectable knitting patterns)

I had trouble getting a photo that did the hat justice – it is knit of hand-spun wool/merino blend that I have been saving for a special project. The Boy modeled it so I could get a picture of the back. Unfortunately, he could not sit quite still enough. Still, it is a nice hat, though a little big. I may re-knit it on smaller needles. It was rather fun – all that random cabeling…

4 responses to “What I made during the Olympics, part second”

  1. mira Avatar

    you could try to felt it a teeny tiny bit to get it smaller…be careful though, or your kid might have a new beret!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Very neat hat! You are so talented!

  3. Serena Avatar

    It is beautiful! And it looks wonderful on you! I know which pattern that is, though I can't recall the name right now. Ravelry is great, isn't it? That's how I found the pattern for the slouch I made. Their search feature is so handy, and reading all the reviews is amazingly helpful for a beginner like me.

    Yes, I really like it on you!

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Love the hat! I've always wanted to try one of those types on and see if I like it…cause I like wearing a hat when I can! 🙂

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