We headed back to the strawberry patch this morning, with my mom, mom-in-law, Anneke, Abby, and Judah.
Jesse enjoyed the outing just as much as last time!

I put this outfit on him on purpose – it was ready to be ‘retired’ to the trash, so I was fine with all the strawberry juice drooled down the front of it.

I told Jesse I was already carrying a baby who was making the picking tricky – I didn’t need another one on my back!

We will have strawberry shortcake again tonight! I have already baked the shortcakes, hulled the strawberries, and crushed and sweetend them and placed them in the fridge to get nice and juicy!

Exhuasted, Jesse was bathed and fed lunch quickly and dumped in his bed for a nap before we head to the lake for a cooling dip!

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  1. Amy Avatar

    What an adorable ‘helper’! I love the juicy face – too cute!

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