watercolor for a friend

Last week today was my dear friend Alyssa’s birthday.(I am behind on some posts of daily events while getting caught up from vacation!) We celebrated, as you may have read in one of Anja’s posts, with a hot dog roast and viking boats down at the lake. We have had many hours of fun and making memories down at the lake at Alyssa’s – we are so grateful for her and her family’s hospitality with their lake-front access. My gift to her was a watercolor painting depicting their dock and the old, ailing, but much-beloved boat that has given us hours of tubing and skiing fun, fondly referred to as “The Junk of the Lake”. She loved it.
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4 responses to “watercolor for a friend”

  1. Natalie_S Avatar

    Lovely! You certainly are very talented.

  2. sarah Avatar

    That is beautiful Trina- What a special gift for Alyssa!

  3. Stunned Lobster Avatar
    Stunned Lobster

    Wow Trina that is an excellent painting! You did a great job capturing everything 🙂

  4. The annoyance of your life Avatar
    The annoyance of your life

    It's amazing, your amazing, everything about you amazes me :).

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