Vintage Blue

This dress is made from a reprinted Butterick pattern from 1952 – the year my mother was born. I like to think it is something my own grandmother, a seamstress who made all her own clothes, would have worn.

Here I am wearing it before I had hemmed it. The fabric was $1 per yard from walmart. I altered the pattern significantly so I could nurse in it, but the fit was just right from the start.

I made the front wrap around to the back…

The front has no skirt in my version – it lifts up on both sides to allow nursing access.

Here is the front with the top of the bodice lifted. I brought the skirt back around to the front and extended it into a bit of a wrap around skirt.

Finished in the studio.

I think I’ll wear it to Church this Sunday if the weather’s fine.

9 responses to “Vintage Blue”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Lovely job and a lovely dress! I'm very impressed with your cleverness in making it nursing-friendly.

  2. Katie Avatar

    It is adorable!!! I love the pattern, do you have any trouble with it being too low under the arms? Cause if not, I would love to make one fore myself, you inspired me!

  3. Janel Avatar

    Very nice! I love the tie addition.

  4. Natalie_S Avatar

    Oh oh, that is so perfectly lovely! It looks beautiful on you too. I love to see your sewing.

  5. EV Avatar

    Trina, this dress is amazing! Actually, you are. I've been looking at patterns lately… Your alterations are perfect, and also happen to blow my mind.

    Needed: mind like Trina's.

    When is it that you sew? Are you a night owl? An early riser?

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    I AM HOME!!!!!!! And that means more pathetic comments from me:) Whoever is exited raise your hand….. forget it, I can't see you anyways, but I know you are out there raising your hand somewhere Alice:)
    Everybody at camp wished I had a blog, I told them: "I do, just go to my sisters blog and click on comments":) Now that was funny:)
    I see that Trina has more than just me commenting on her blog these days,please do not get scared away by me, you will soon get used to me and my weird comments:)(I love smiley faces:)
    I am in a wonderful mood because I am home and I got to eat real food today, camp food is the nastiest thing in the entire world! Some of the food was so unidentifiable (was that a word?) That you just had to close your eyes and swallow.
    Well I have to go my bed is calling me.
    Always remember when your at camp and you feel the urge to play a practical joke on someone…..just don't,life will just go easier for you.

  7. Jean Avatar

    So cute!!
    I love it too…
    Such a beautiful dress.
    I want one too.. lol 🙂

  8. aurora Avatar

    I LOVE it! Such a sweet dress!

  9. Naomi Joy Avatar
    Naomi Joy

    Wow! You are amazing.

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