Up in a Tree

 On the last, lovely, Indian Summer day, Jesse and I climbed a tree. (After I made him a leaf crown)

 The Maple standing beyond the orchard was our goal.

 I always wanted to be a mommy who climbed trees with her kids. Thankfully, I climbed lots of trees as I was growing up, so this was a natural progression. I have to admit, it was just a little bit trickier to haul my body up into the lower branches of the maple, and I was a lot more careful, thinking of my babies taking their naps back at the house, who would want their mommy when they woke up.

 This may be my favorite picture of my first born from the whole year.

 See? I made it.

 The view of our property – house, barn, pergola and boat from the tree.

 The Boy didn’t want to go as high as his mamma.

When I tried to capture the moment with a self portrait, my boy suddenly turned uncharacteristically silly, and purposely looked off camera for every shot. At least it was a genuine smile!

4 responses to “Up in a Tree”

  1. handmade toddler clothes Avatar

    What a cute idea for a crown.

  2. Kateri Avatar

    Jesse is getting so big!

  3. Belle Avatar

    Great post. I loved climbing trees too.

  4. Hannah Avatar

    All I can say is…Jesse is lucky to have such a fun mommy!

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