Uncle and his Nephew

Uncle Jordan meets his newest nephew.

He also said hello to Claire, who was not as enthusiastic about being held by her big uncle immediately upon waking from her nap. See how she is leaning away from him, and giving me that look that says, “Quit taking pictures, Mommy, and come rescue me!”

5 responses to “Uncle and his Nephew”

  1. matt and shell Avatar
    matt and shell

    I totally see your brother in that baby! wow!

  2. Traci Avatar

    Awww. Sweet pictures. They certainly do resemble each other.

  3. rahrah Avatar

    Hah! My niece makes the same face -I thought it was just her, but no. It must be a little girl face. Glad you got to see your brother – he's older right?
    Seth's face is changing already! Too fast! But then, you know already how quickly they grow! 🙂

  4. Abbey Avatar

    I think little Seth looks like his Uncle Jordan! Nice pictures! Claire is so funny.

  5. NotUnredeemed Avatar

    Awe! It was so good to meet Seth the other night! And yes, now that Seth is next to Jordan, you can definitely see more of the Bauman side in him!

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