Top Ten Favorite Things Right Now

In no particular order…

1.) having 2 sisters-in-law and 2 of my dearest friends all pregnant at the same time. Now we can be forgetful, green, hungry, tired, and grow out of our clothes with a valid reason – all together!

2.) leftovers – pizza, beef spinach quiche, homemade chocolate peanut butter icecream – my lunch was so yummy today, with very little effort.

3.)freezer meals – goes along with #2 – Potato Beef Casserole for dinner sounds yummy and is already made!

4.)staying up late and watching Olympics with my husband – the only TV we ever watch, and the only thing that keeps us consistently up past our bedtime – yawn.

5.)Little girl’s fluffy, sometimes curly, getting thicker, sticking-straight-up-in-the air today, long enough to put in pigtails hair.

6.)a boy who talks. to me. a lot. and is very polite. amazingly so.

7.)coming home and realizing a change really is as good as a rest, and I am all refreshed (even while low on sleep) and ready to face the daily routine with renewed vigor.

8.)“Real Life Monday” post at “Resolved to Worship” blog. Just where I’m at as a mom this week. Direct answer to my prayer this morning that the Lord would sharpen my vision and inspire me anew to be the mother He wants me to be.

“Rise up and don’t be afraid to stand out in this world by finding fulfillment in Jesus Christ and giving up one’s life… to gain it.

Divorce yourself if you want to be a good mom. Not begrudgingly. Not oh pity, pity me type stuff. Not even for the sake of feeling good about yourself, your selflessness being a pat on the back of goodness and thus giving a short-lived dose of affirmation. So really, divorce yourself if you want to be a good mom. For the name sake of Christ. Motivation: for the glory of God.”

 9.) Ted Dekker’s “Blink” – a really good book to get me through the long car ride yesterday – thanks, Christine!

10.) a cozy warm house and promise of snow this weekend (they actually said “Finger Lakes” in the weather report, so we’ll actually get something!!!)

What’s your favorite blog post, recipe, book, or slice of every day beauty this week? Celebrate it. Share it. Thank God for it. 

2 responses to “Top Ten Favorite Things Right Now”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    It is those little things that make life pleasant. 🙂 I'm working on a post like this myself.

  2. Abbey Avatar

    Wonderful list!! And such a cute picture of Jesse and Claire!

    One of the main things that I'm thankful for this week is having Danny home! It is so great just to have him down for supper!
    Can most certainly thank God for bringing him home safely!!:)

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