Top Eight Reasons I enjoyed our Holiday Weekend (and didn’t have time to post)

(how Jesse watched the fireworks)

#1 – Sleeping in on the 4th thanks to Uncle Jordan taking the Boy out to Pake and Beppe’s for breakfast. That was the longest I’d slept in since having a child! Thanks, Jordan!!!

#2 Celebrating Elise’s 18th birthday with pizza in the park (and later, with ice cream cake, at the G’s). Yes, she loved her Emmeline Apron!

(Sarah helping with the grilled pizzas, me with ViviAnne)

#3 the fun and festivities we enjoyed with the G. and P. families for the 4th. The games Traci and Teresa prepared and the grilled pizza were awesome!

(passing the gift left or right!)

#4 Homemade Ice cream with patriotic toppings at the G’s! Chocolate brownie stars, blueberries, red strawberries, creamy white whipped cream and stripes of chocolate sauce! Oh, yum.

(Uriah’s Patriotic Sundae)

#5 An Awesome fireworks show in Hornell with a bunch of friends and family. It was worth it, even the not-getting-home-till-midnight part!

#6 BBQ and fellowship on the lake at the Bromka’s on Saturday. We got to see lots of friends and their babies -including Christa and Caryn! Jesse got his first boat ride in the Junk of the Lake, and the girls went tubing. We were too tired to stay until dark and the Viking Boat tradition, but it was a fun, full day anyway. Thanks, Bromkas!

#7 A 7 mile bike ride to the Samson State Park on Seneca Lake Sunday afternoon. We loaded Jesse into his trailer and Jordan borrowed a bike and off we went. I had not felt like doing anything but lying on the couch, but the exercise was good for me, and the dip in the lake at the end of the ride was worth it! Mom and the kids met us there to give us a ride back home and we all enjoyed the park and water together.

#8 Watching the anticipation, excitement, and then satisfaction of my husband as he went white-water kayaking for the first time since the spring before we were married. Jordan’s interest in getting into the sport was just the impetus Jeremy needed to get out his gear, call up his boating buddies, and arrange to run the Salmon River in Polaski on Saturday afternoon. They had a great time, and I loved seeing my man so happy, doing something he loves. Next year (post baby belly) he has promised to teach me to roll and paddle so I can join him!

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  1. Traci Avatar

    Awesome pictures! I’m so glad that you guys could join us! Sounds like a fun filled weekend for sure!

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