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What if you could change your life in less than 30 pages?

This weekend and through Monday, the e-book “Tell Your Time” by Amy Andrews is on sale! As an affiliate promoting her book, I just thought I’d let you know – it’s %50 off! If you’ve never bought an e-book (this was my first) let me tell you how it works:

  1. You click on this link, which takes you to her website. 
  2. You click on “Add to Cart” which takes you to the shopping cart page.
  3. Enter the promotion code MONDAYBLACK to get %50 off! 
  4. Next you click on the “Pay pal” tab, enter your credit card info, and hit, “submit”.
  5. You will be sent an email with a link to download the book to your computer!

E-books are a great way for people to share a larger chunk of valuable information than they might otherwise post on their blog. You can read it on your computer, or print it off to read it on the couch or in the car. This one is only 29 pages and it is packed with great time management tips that you can glean from even if you already have a schedule! Here’s my personal review of the book…

I always thought I was an organized person – I love to make lists, plan my day, my week, my month, and get to cross things off as I complete things. I like that a list helps me remember the important stuff, and writing it down often helps me see what my priorities are and be realistic with my goals. Many people are amazed at what I get done in a day, and wouldn’t think I would need a book on time management. But I had been reading Amy’s blog and seen that she really had a lot to offer, so I decided to go for it, to see if she could help me be even more organized – maybe even get me through the holidays with less stress!

The book did just that. It was awesome! First, it was short – didn’t take forever for me to get to the practical tips – it was all practical! Amy showed me how to sift my priorities like never before, allowing me to focus and make real progress on what was truly important to me. Listing priorities under the heading of “Mother” such as “training my kids well” helped me to be patient when another, lesser, goal was interrupted by the immediate need to discipline a toddler (again). Mapping out my days and actually ‘seeing’ the time slots I had to work in the studio let me breathe easier when I thought about how much I have to sew before Christmas. And writing down my goals and the baby steps to actually achieving them encouraged me that I really can make positive changes in my life. I have never had such peace about my to-do list, and such hope that I do have what it takes to create the home life I’ve always dreamed of for my family.

So, if you’re even just a little stressed about the holidays………if you have several kids and are beginning to wonder if you will ever have “time for ____ again” (you fill in the blank!)………….If you have a paper or mental list of things hanging over your head………. do yourself a favor.
Hop over and purchase Amy’s book.
Read it over the weekend and jump into December excited and equipped to do more than just survive the holidays!

Sale starts Black Friday (Nov. 26) at 12:01am and ends Cyber Monday (Nov. 29) at 11:59pm.
Coupon Code: MONDAYBLACK (this code must be added to a customer’s shopping cart at checkout to get the deal)

Sale Price: $6 (that’s 50% off!)

I am an affiliate promoting Amy’s book – I will receive a portion of the sale of this book, at no extra cost to you! It’s how Amy is choosing to advertise her book – paying others to get the word out. Click here if you are interested in becoming an affiliate. 

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