Thrifted Thrusdays

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but I just have to show the Beautiful way the Lord provided for me through the thrift store last month! I have wanted a princess-seamed, black, wool pea-coat since I was 17. Never quite able or willing to buy one new (and unable to find a style I liked anyway) I have canvased thrift stores for years for my Dream Coat. Finally, last month, I found it – black, wool, princess-seamed and fits me like a glove! So what if it wasn’t on sale – what’s $8 to be united with my true love? (oh, wait, my true love is Jeremy – well, he likes the coat, too.). I just have to give the credit to God – how else could the perfect coat show up on the rack at my local thrift store, in just my size? (Wonder why it took 9 years? Talk to God – I’m just glad it’s here at last! :))

This week’s finds included a pair of jeans that fit perfectly – girls, you know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that feel like their made for you (12 looooong for me) – well, I got lucky this time! I also found a dress to wear to Rachel’s wedding at the end of the month – hooray! It’s from Dress Barn – I found it just after I finished telling my shopping buddy, Alyssa, how I thought I could never wear anything from Dress Barn after hearing Tim Hawkins on the subject. Oh, well. When you see the dress, perhaps you’ll understand why I caved!

5 responses to “Thrifted Thrusdays”

  1. Traci Avatar

    I think it’s so cool that you found your coat!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    I love your coat and it fits you so well!! Can’t wait to see your dress at the wedding!!

  3. rahraht Avatar

    Goodness…I thought Hawkins was gone forever. Now I’m stuck with “The Homeschool Family” ringing in my head!!!(Ever see his video Cletus Take the Wheel? You really have to know the original song for it to be funny)Just have to say…You are one beautiful Momma!! – You obviously enjoy your job:)I COMPLETELY understand the whole coat and jeans issue and I am also one that waits till I find the right one. I have friends and sisters that will just buy whatever is current while I wait 10+ years to find the right one. I will not be swayed!!!

  4. Whitney Avatar

    Isn’t that an awful name for a dress place? I remember hearing some comedian talking about her favorite place to shop. She was a plus size and had to shop at specialty store. It was called the Stout Hut. So, of course, she liked their stuff, but hated the name. What do you do walking around with a bag from the Stout Hut? :-p

  5. Jen Avatar

    I was thinking about that yesterday, Trina, when I was scouting our Salvation Army. There were a bunch of clothes from Dress Barn and Sag Harbor (another name that doesn’t sit quite well with me) and kept thinking of Tim Hawkins. Unlike your dress, I didn’t find anything that made up for the label! So funny that you posted about it today!

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