This week from the garden…

Day lilies, Delphinium, viburnum, clematis, and more -a natural color scheme of purples and yellows is the trend this week.

One secret of a balanced, full bouquet is Florist Foam. If you want to achieve a more ‘florist shop’ look to your arrangements, or want to use a particular vase, such as this wide, pedestal vase (one of my favorites!) you should get yourself some florist foam. Look for it at Walmart or any craft supply store. Make sure to get wet foam (as apposed to ‘dry foam’, which is for silk arrangements). It usually comes in a package with three large bricks – I use a large kitchen knife to slice a block into thirds, so I have enough for 9 large arrangements from one package!

You must soak the foam first – this is quickly done by floating it in a bowl of water (or your vase) until it becomes waterlogged. Don’t force it under water – let it soak up on its own, refill the vase to the top again, and arrange your flowers. The foam will hold even heavy stems in place, and, if kept damp, will keep your bouquet good for 3-6 days, depending on the flowers you used.
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