This is NOT an Announcement {As much as it sounds like one}

I was stressed, people.

My life is full of things that I love, that give me energy, that excite me. But sometimes they all converge to get me really stressed out.

I love travel.

I love our crazy, gypsy, life this year, splitting our time between our home in the Fingerlakes of Upstate NY and a bus parked in a trailer park in Alabama.

I love writing.

I love my blog, and the relationships that have come from this space, and the opportunities it’s opened for ministry and beauty in my life.

I love people.

I didn’t yet know if I liked public speaking, but I did know I was looking forward to all the other hours at Allume, connecting at heart level with old and new friends, celebrating God and the adventure of the writing life.

But October nearly did me in.

Because while I was preparing to attend Allume (making business cards, shopping for a few more outfits to complete my no-brainer wardrobe, gathering little gifts for my roomies and besties)…

…I was also preparing to speak at Allume (writing over 4,000 words on my laptop in stolen moments, rendezvousing with Kristina to practice our talks, reading books on public speaking, watching TED talks for inspiration)…

…And I was also packing our family up to head to Alabama straight from Allume (Making meals for while I was gone, doing laundry, sorting clothes, packing everything I could before I left and leaving comprehensive lists for my husband)

And, because I hadn’t yet learned to trust and rest that God has my back and really does care about the littlest details (I mean, I said I did, but I wasn’t living it), all this stress built and built until my body reacted physically.

What I mean to say is, Aunt Flo delayed her visit, and I missed her note and thought I was pregnant.

Yeah, so on top of everything else on my plate, my raging hormones convinced me that I was also preggo.

Add to the list: make high protein snacks for hotel room. Pack clothes for Alabama in multiple sizes. Try to travel, attend conference, speak, and function with the half-a-brain I always feel like I have when I’m preggo.

Don’t get me wrong. I was really excited to think I was pregnant. But it was all a bit much. I was like, “Really, God? You’ve called me to this conference, and to speak to people, and then You want me to do it with half a brain?”

That’s when God started to speak to me the story of Gideon.

I saw the analogy right away—God called Gideon to do a job, Gideon felt inadequate, but that was OK because God was gonna fight the battle. God chose an inadequate vessel so that in the end, He would get the glory.

I got it. I tried to trust. And went back to my packing.

(Spoiler alert: Sorry to break the suspense of the story, but I do just have to say, for the record, This is not an announcement. I am NOT currently pregnant, nor was I at the time of this story. It was all a miss-understanding between me and Flo. Got it?)

11 responses to “This is NOT an Announcement {As much as it sounds like one}”

  1. Jennifer Kindle Avatar

    I just love your heart…and that you type Aunt Flo on your blog!!! I wish I were closer to Alabama, I would so come visit!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Jennifer…it’s rather freeing to finally give the elephant in the room a name…this is now the second time Aunt Flo has made an appearance on my blog. It gets a little easier every time. ROTFL

  2. Amanda Medlin Avatar

    This is something I am learning over and over. God often calls the inadequate so that His glory can be revealed. So many times I say “I can’t do it God. Pick someone else.” But He always supplies me with the means necessary to accomplish what He has set out for me to do, and it is so exciting to see God doing the same in your life. Blessings to you my friend!!!

  3. Amy Walker Avatar

    That happened to me last month…or the month before? I even got nausea before and after eating!! I was taking tests constantly so I know it was not a real pregnancy, but it was amazingly convincing. It was after A LOT of travel and inconsistency in our lives as well. Hmmm…

  4. Mary Avatar

    Crystal isn’t the only one that love you!! I do too!!! I love the way you write…”I was stressed, people.” I love that you are real. And honest. And transparent. And, oh well…just everything about you!



  5. Lauren Avatar

    Ah Trina, you and all you are are so loved 😀 I hope that the family trip was good! That explains the laundromat I suppose ;0) Can’t wait for the REAL preggo news ;0)

  6. Crystal @ Avatar
    Crystal @

    I just love you, Trina. Love you, I say. 🙂

    And I cracked up that someone else calls it “Aunt Flo”. We’ve got all sorts of jokes about her at our house. 😉

  7. Jennifer Peterson Avatar

    I have been reading your blog for a while and I just have to tell you I LOVE IT!! Thank you for being real:)

    1. Trina Avatar

      Oh Jennifer, you’re welcome! I’m glad you like the real…cause I don’t think there is any going back after a post like this! Lol

  8. traci Avatar

    You’re absolutely positively sure? Because I really thought you might have been at ShareAthon. You just had a familiar glow that I’ve seen on you before. 😉

    I’m glad you survived October! <3

    1. Trina Avatar

      You weren’t the only one who noticed my faux aura lol

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