Things I’m Enjoying Right Now

I stole this idea unabashedly from one of my favorite blogs, SouleMamma, who does a post like this almost weekly. The way she catalogs everyday simple pleasures gives a wonderful perspective on life. Surely it’s the little things in life that give the biggest thrills…

:: eating dinner outside twice in the past week (this time with Jeremy’s Grandparents). Claire rolls around happily on the ‘playtime quilt’ I’m making for her.

:: family bike rides
The kids get along so well and love every minute of it.

:: sharing books

:: papa and mama goose and family, spotted on a bike ride
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2 responses to “Things I’m Enjoying Right Now”

  1. Matt,Shell,and lil' Benjamin. Avatar

    I love her cute smile ! so sweet !

  2. Katie Avatar

    Love the playtime quilt, its so pretty and simple!

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