“Trust” (The Wedding Album)

These were such special moments, I’m so glad our photographers caught them! The text is what Dad said when he gave me away at the altar…

4 responses to ““Trust” (The Wedding Album)”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    I like the look of the purple strip down the left edge of the page. I think the film strip would have made it too busy and would not have matched the theme of the page.

  2. aunt marilyn Avatar
    aunt marilyn

    How fun. My sister Pam is a knitter,and when the Olympics were going a few years ago, she had a blog site with goal of completing and journaling a knitting project during that time. I love your opening statement, my scrapbooking is not as creative as yours, but my reason is the same, for my children, to help them know God's faithfulness, and my hopes and dreams for them. love to you

  3. Teresa Gardner Avatar
    Teresa Gardner

    Hey Trina…What a gift you have…All your pages are so unique!

  4. Anja Avatar

    You did a great job on the colors of this page!

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