The Woman Next Door

Do you know the woman next door?

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“It was when we left our first home and the trailer park we’d lived in for 3 years that I became convicted that I had not been a good steward of the relationships that had—literally—been right in my backyard. Part of my delinquency was due to the natural inward focus of that first season of marriage, but I also knew I had let differences in lifestyles keep me from reaching out and building relationship with my neighbors.

At our new home, I resolved to be more faithful to God’s commission by His grace. To step out of my comfort zone, to put forth a little effort, and see what would happen when I chose to love my neighbor.”

Join me over at Passionate Homemaking today to read the rest of a post where I explore the idea of the community awaiting us at the end of our very own driveway…

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    Heading over!

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