The Next *Big* Thing around here…

My friend, Kris, tagged me last week in the “Next Big Thing” blog post chain. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to, uh, tell you about my next big thing. See, I’m writing another book, ya’ll. But I hadn’t confessed it here yet because that would be like saying I was really going to do it, right? And I’m still freakin’ out about this here book! OK, deep breath. Here goes…


(me, heading out in flurries this morning to run errands. Does this hat make me look like a writer???)

1. What is the working title of your book? Good question. It doesn’t have one. Or, maybe it does as of a late night conversation this week, but I’m keepin’ it a secret for a little while yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a working subtitle, though! “Flexible Fashion for Every Season and Shape of Motherhood”.

2. Where did the idea come from for the book? From my readers and friends. I felt the Lord telling me it was time to write the next book, but I had no idea which idea it was time to take into fruition (ask my husband–I pitch him a new ebook idea just about every-other week). So I asked on my facebook page what people thought my next book should be about. I was actually startled at the response. I thought everyone would say another cookbook, but quite a few asked that I write a book on rocking your personal style in the challenging season of motherhood. I started to open myself up to the idea, and then the confirmation and inspiration started flooding in. (side note: I’m doing a new blog series on real food in the New Year that’s gonna be as awesome as a new cookbook, for all those who asked for a cookbook!)

3. What genre does your book fall under? Well, non fiction. To get more specific than that, I’d have to create a new sub-category! I can’t find anything like my book on the market. I looked. I found books on ‘defining your personal style’, and I found books on ‘looking cute while preggo’, but I didn’t find a book that actually teaches you strategies for maintaining your style through the entire season of motherhood, when our weight is never the same three weeks in a row, and we don’t have a lot of time (or money!) to invest in our personal appearance. Nor was I able to find a book that got to the heart of WHY we should even be trying to look cute in a season which is all about service to others. But my book does that, too!

4. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Um, two months? As in, I started in November, and hope to be done by Christmas? Gulp! Then we start editing…

5. What else about the book may pique a reader’s interest? Well, we all know that the thrift store can be a great place to get cute clothes at a discount, but we also know how hard it can be to do any sort of shopping with little ones in tow–I think it’s the main reason we as moms will give up on looking cute in certain seasons–because it’s nearly impossible to actually get any shopping done! But I have a whole section in the book with strategies to streamline your shopping experience and help you build a wardrobe that fits in your budget, all with kids in tow!

Well, I think that’s enough about my book for now! Now it’s you’re turn…

Tag, you’re it…
Are you working on something big? A book, a re-model, a relationship? Do tell!

21 responses to “The Next *Big* Thing around here…”

  1. Kelley Avatar

    Trina! I need your new book! I’ll be praying God gives you plenty of inspiration and that the editing goes quickly so I can buy it! ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the next big thing… I’m hoping to get back to writing regularly on my blog. I haven’t done much over the last 2 years, but I actually really enjoy blogging and I think it’s a great outlet for me. So once I finish getting settled into my own place again (we just moved our family out of my parents’ basement for the past 22 months to help us financially), that’s my goal. Thanks for your inspiring blog!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Kelley, prayers are so appreciated, and your enthusiastic comments does much to fuel my passion for this project! Thank you!

  2. Elisabeth Allen Avatar

    I’m excited for you, Trina! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake Avatar

    I could get into this! ๐Ÿ™‚ I went through an “Audrey Hepburn” stage in my life when I was so put together and fashionable. And then I got married and had a baby and my goal became getting a shower and wearing clothes and maybe brushing my hair. I’m trying to learn to balance my love of pretty things/clothes with the reality of nursing bras and grubby precious baby hands smearing banana all over me. I look forward to reading your book, Trina!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Oh, yes, Claire–combating the grime of motherhood–it is a challenge! One reason I love shopping at the thrift store… if it gets ruined, at least I only spent $3!

  4. Jess Avatar

    Looking forward to this!

  5. Lisa Avatar

    Oh this sounds like a much needed book Trina! You gotta have a page on how to deal with the awful “mushy tummy”. You know – that first week or two right after you have the baby and the baby is so cute and everyone wants to look at the baby – and you’re feeling all fat and mushy and not cute. (At least that’s what happens to me.) I can not wait to hear suggestions on how to thrift store shop with little ones along. May God bless you with ample writing time and lots of ideas!

    1. Trina Holden Avatar

      Lisa, I shall write just such a section just for you. Because you asked, and because you’re such an encouraging friend.

  6. Amy Walker Avatar

    Awesome! I cannot wait. I think this will meet a big need and encourage lots of mamas. As a matter of fact, I am exactly in that spot of fluctuating weight and the dilemma of not wanting to buy pants for my current size (I’ve been blessed with a couple of little thrift store miracles or 3 actually that are getting me by on that for now.) Anyway, the HOW TO SHOP is the big question. Just can’t wait!

  7. Elizabeth Avatar

    Oh, that sounds like a fabulous book! I already am excited to read it. My next big thing is to try to become brave enough to let some people start reading/critiquing the book that I recently finished about my sis-in-law’s battle (which she lost) with breast cancer and what God taught me through our journey.

    1. Trina Holden Avatar

      Elizabeth, Please, Please be brave and let your story be told! I am sure it will be a huge blessing for people. It’s crucial, especially during trials, that we hear stories that tell us we are not alone. I know there are people who need your story. Praying for you.

  8. Jenny Avatar

    For a minute there I got excited that you were actually writing your tipi tales book. Now that is a book I would buy in an instant. Your life was so unique that I would love to know a lot more in detail about it.

  9. Jennifer Lambert Avatar

    of course I’m pretty excited! you’re all kinds of inspirational! and my big thing is my new editing business…

  10. Katharine Avatar

    I’m done my “next big thing!” Walking to Bethlehem released in November and it was a second book as well. I am in the waiting, listening and wondering… and honestly, I am looking forward to writing writing and more writing (but no editing) lol. Blessings on this new place it sounds wonderful!

  11. Kelly Avatar

    Trina, your book sounds fabulous & just like what I need! Thanks for sharing it with us! I actually just accomplished my “next big thing” last week! It’s my first eBook, something I never would have dreamed I’d accomplish, but thank God for calling us to things bigger than ourselves so He can receive glory. It’s a devotional on God’s desire for friendships in a world that is so virtually connected it’s lonely & out of touch with what friendships should look like. It includes some practical & inexpensive ideas for fostering friendships with other women through whatever busy season you might be in. (P.S. It’s still at its discounted price for 2 more days! )

    1. Trina Avatar

      Kelly! Your book sounds awesome! I just grabbed the kindle version for myself! Congrat!s and thanks for sharing!

  12. Chantel Avatar

    Hmm…I’m working on…working? LOL. Anyways, really ecited about your book. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Jennifer Peterson Avatar

    Yea!!! We moms need a book like that!!! And I must say you always look fab:)!!!

  14. Natasha Metzler Avatar

    so excited about this project, Trina. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Stacey Avatar

    I went an entire season wearing only jeans and tshirts. It was easy. I was neat and clean. It worked. This would have been a blessing back then. (Says the mom who has time to get dressed but is still in sweats and a tshirt today! HA!)

    1. Trina Holden Avatar

      Oh, but with a good pair of jeans and tshirt that is YOUR color, you are THAT close to rockin’ your style on the weekday! Thanks for your encouragement, Stacy!

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