Thanksgiving Buffet Display

 You know how much I love my antique buffet, even with the veneer peeled off by my children. Because, though they peel the veneer, they still can’t reach the top of it. It’s a place in my house I can set things on that they can’t mess up. So I try to decorate it seasonally to bring beauty to the otherwise every-day mess of the dinning room (one of the most lived in rooms of our house).

This month’s display is comprise of Buttercup squash, decorative gourds, a crinkled piece of moss-green fabric, a swirly faux vine, cloth pumpkins from last year, and an old willow basket I made when I was 19. Someday I really want to try weaving a cornucopia ’cause I LOVE cornucopias.

Meanwhile, I can hardly wait till after thanksgiving, ’cause I want to eat the squash. Really bad.

2 responses to “Thanksgiving Buffet Display”

  1. Kateri Avatar

    Looks very warm and homey! Love the old willow basket!

  2. Serena Avatar

    It's a beautiful display! I hope in the next year to be able to have seasonal displays like you.

    And I think it would be so awesome if you wove a cornucopia! I love cornucopias, too.

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