Thank you all.

First of all, thank you to all who sent happy birthday wishes to me either though posting or commenting.

And secondly, after all of the fun with color before, during and after our absence I thought it necessary to add my opion to the matter. I must admit that the first color scheme (the light periwinkle) was a bit “colorless”. While it did fit my wife’s personally and taste, in my opinion it was a bit hospital like.

The second one, (the orange…) was met with this response,
“My EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Enough said.

Then comes The ADMINISTRATOR’s vacation.
I don’t know if I saw the first version (with the orange type) but I think that I would tend to agree with many of the comments, that the pictures showed up nicely on the black but the type didn’t display well.
The second (or was it third) theme, (the black and hot pink with light type) I think was my favorite so far. I really liked the way the pictures looked on the black and I like the way the background made the content stand out instead of speaking over it.

Now the most recent one, (the subtle greens and browns). While this combination of colors was once again very much in Trina’s liking, I think that it was back on the colorless side.

So, I’ve decided that I should let my own creativity out to play a little. Hopefully this latest pallet reaches a new level of unity between neat and clean and fun and exciting.

I look forward to what our faithful (and not so faithful) readers have to say.


9 responses to “Thank you all.”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    Thank you all for your comments.

    In answer to the "serious and so not ever silly sarah…", Yes you may note the case of the title. I did this in light of the comment on the August 23 post 'kindly trying to please…', by the said ADMINISTRATOR.

  2. Jeremy Avatar

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Abbey Avatar

    To reinforce what everyone else has said…. I really like the colors! I love the blue background! For a while there, the blog was changing every time I got on it – and some of them were definitely eye opening! But it always made it a bit more exciting visiting the blog!

  4. From your favorit person who always forgets her picks :). Avatar
    From your favorit person who always forgets her picks :).

    Why do people comment as anonymous??
    It makes me go crazy trying to try to figure out who you are.
    Hmmm, anyways, I love the new look as well. You did a good job, Jeremy, of making it feel calming but very fun. I will admit that every time I went to the blog when I was "in charge" it made me really hyper and stressed out. Great job :).

  5. Natalie_S Avatar

    Looks comfy like blue jeans. I like it.

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    I like the new look a lot.

  7. serious and so not ever silly sarah Avatar
    serious and so not ever silly sarah

    I wondered if you added the picture Trina…I love it! ::BIG smile::

    I noticed THE ADMINISTRATOR is in CAPITAL LETTERS- is that to reinstate her rightful position- as someone (totally no names mentioned) sought to usurp it while the said ADMINISTRATOR was gone away? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My input: I think the new layout is enjoyable and very peaceful. It goes well with the picture. Everything does blend well together.

    You all have my head spinning…I never change my blog. I wonder if I should? ::scratches head::

    oh.well. I will think about it.

  8. Trina Avatar

    I Put the picture ;P

  9. Will Avatar

    Hey Jeremy I really like the new color scheme, though I always like blue ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and that picture to the right of Colorado is great

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