Studio Facelift

Last week we completed the rearranging of the studio to accommodate the new season we are entereing.. The Lavender Room has now morphed from Guest Room/Studio to Baby Room/Studio. The studio half of it got a face lift, which involved some major sorting, organizing, and finally, hanging some stuff on the wall…

My stamp collection and thread organizer look delightful here, and leave more room on my counter!

I found this cute pair at the thrift store – they grace the wall on the other side of the closet door.

On the door itself is a clipping from a magazine with a Jane Austen quote that captures my feelings lately – “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.

And here’s a shot of my nearly completed quilt. I’m grateful for my sis-in-law’s lovely sewing machine which she loaned to me so I could do the freehand stippling technique I chose to finish my quilt.
Tomorrow I plan to show you the finished project!

And, for those of you who come to the blog to check on me, and not the current status of my quilt 🙂 – I am doing very well, thank you! Just days from my due date, I am feeling peaceful and ready for baby. A few sleepless nights lately, with some early contractions, but last night I slept very well, and enjoyed waking feeling rested this morning! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. God is good.

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4 responses to “Studio Facelift”

  1. Miki Avatar

    I'm glad that you are feeling well and had a nice rest☺ Your sewing area looks so nice and cozy, but workable too… I need to neaten mine up!

  2. Traci Avatar

    I think the stamp shelf looks awesome! I myself have been in quest for a ribbon-storage solution and I think I found it.. it involves some revamping of wooden paper towel holders. I’ll have to let you know if it works or not, lol. I’m so glad that you’re feeling well. I’m sure the family probably has everything covered but if you can think of anything you might need, just call ok?

  3. rahraht Avatar

    Yep..just stopped to see how you were holding up, but the room and quilt are both lovely. 🙂 Have a peaceful day!

  4. Abbey Avatar

    It looks soo wonderful!! Everything is so neat and it makes the room look huge!!

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