Strawberries and Flags

On Thursday we went to my parent’s to partake in a favorite summer tradition – strawberry torte, and to celebrate Flag Day. Here is mother setting the stage…
Judah enjoys the last of the whipped cream after Dad has completed his creation.

This is Dad’s masterpiece – three layers of lighter-than-air, almost-not-there meringue, spread with melted chocolate, sliced strawberries, and generous amounts of whipped cream. A for-taste of heaven…

It’s very messy, and required three people to serve…

Alyssa digs in. Generous slices for everyone – it must all be eaten, for it doesn’t keep!

More pics of our party coming later today….

5 responses to “Strawberries and Flags”

  1. Katie Avatar

    Hi Trina, it's Katie (pressingon) from S&S. Could you get that recipe from you dad? It looks very much like something I would enjoy! Your family looks like so much fun!


  2. Trina Avatar

    yes, the strawberries were from their patch, but there may have been a few added from the Amish farm stand. don't want to run out when it comes to torte!

  3. Serena Avatar

    My goodness! That is my kind of dessert! It looks delectable. I think I may have to try something like that for Independence Day. The garden looks beautiful, too!

  4. me again Avatar
    me again

    *excuse me. I had an extra "your" in that question. It would be there the one time I decided that I didn't need to preview my comment…*

  5. Sarah Avatar

    Oh my! That looks just too good! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Are the strawberries out of your the patch at the house? Those were wonderful! 🙂

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