Stones and Linen

I love to give handmade gifts, not just because they usually save money, but because when I give my time, I feel like I’m giving a bit of myself in the gift. Last month I was short on time, but really wanted to make a special gift for a special bride-to-be, so I called my dear friend Claire who came over and helped me put this linen table runner together in an afternoon. It was fun, and truly a blessing to give it.

The rocks just *might* be a preview of something I’ve prepared for the InRL get-together I’m hosting this weekend. We still have plenty of room if you want to join us for an afternoon of encouragement and fellowship!

4 responses to “Stones and Linen”

  1. Amy Ruttle Avatar
    Amy Ruttle

    This looks great…I need a table runner..did u follow a design/pattern or did u wing it?

    1. Trina Avatar

      Amy, I just sewed 1 1/2 in. squares together randomly – the beauty was in the haphazardness (or, that’s what I told myself, anyway LOL)

  2. Trina Avatar

    Well, it would have been nice of me to include the stones in with the gift…but I was selfish. LOL I didn’t have time to find more rocks, and those were mine! Thinking stones may be part of her wedding gift…

  3. Jess Avatar

    I love those colors! So relaxing! And what a neat idea for a gift, with the rocks.

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