Spring Swing

Every warm spring day so far has seen us strolling to the park for welcome fresh air and excersize after a long winter.

look how long the Boy’s legs are getting!

Today I put Claire in the stroller for the first time (usually she is in the snuggly or Mobywrap). We walked up Main St, passed Grandpa, Uncle Micah, Jake and Colin at work, then made our way to the park. After slides and swinging and jumping, we went and said hello to Grandma, then headed home.

Claire was very quiet in her stroller, overwhelmed by the sensations of sun on her face and a breeze on her cheek. She fell asleep on the way home and slept soundly for over two hours until I had to wake her up for a late dinner!
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3 responses to “Spring Swing”

  1. Miki Avatar

    how fortunate you are to have one of those “merry go rounds” in your park! all of the parks near us have had them removed due to fear of lawsuits:(isn’t spring wonderful?

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    That looks like so much fun!Love this early spring weather.Some of our crocuses actualy were in bloom yesterday!!

  3. Christine Avatar

    Sounds so nice! I miss NY 🙂

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