Snowed In!

At last – we got a snow storm! Ever since moving to the Fingerlakes from Chenango County, I just haven’t seen snow like I used to. Nothing to do with Global Warming – we just don’t get a lot of snow here. We always get the fringes of everyone else’s storms. But not this time! The weather report specifically foretasted the most snow for the Fingerlakes area, and they were right. And I couldn’t be more pleased. 
Look how it has piled all the way up to the second floor windows!!!
Actually, that’s the drift on top of the porch roof, as seen through Jesse’s bedroom LOL. But still – it’s a lot of snow and makes for a very cozy day. 
Check out this drift out the back door!
Jeremy couldn’t get out the screen porch because of the depth of the drifts, so he used the back door to leave for work, and that’s where we found this drift. It reminds me of the sand dunes sculpted by the wind in the Sahara Desert. Only whiter. And colder. ☺ I can hardly wait till Claire goes down for her nap so Jesse and I can go play in it! 
And it’s still piling up out there – we may get 4-6 more inches before it’s all over, and the wind is making terrific drifts. 
It’s a perfect day for comfort food, hanging out with dear friends, and watching a good movie (Cranford!)

5 responses to “Snowed In!”

  1. Kelerr Avatar

    We're snowed in in the city as well – school was cancelled today (a rare event for us and brilliant for me, being the teacher!), so it was nice to just stay nice and cozy in the house today!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    What fun!!I've never watched Cranford, but I think I would like it!:)

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    Sounds like the perfect day to me!!We have snow here too!! I think this is the most we have gotten since our move to Binghamton.

  4. A Joyful Chaos Avatar

    Fresh snow is always so pretty!

  5. Miki Avatar

    We're right in the middle of the same blizzard, and I am loving it right along with you! Noah is outside shoveling out the entire neighborhood and the girls and I are cozy inside. We had blueberry pancakes and bacon for brekkie and we'll be having chicken wing pizza for dinner…. what a nice day☺

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