Sleighbells rang, were you listening?

Yesterday I joined Jeremy at the ski lodge all day, and then we continued on to a Song Service at a beautiful Lodge in Highland Forest, put on by the Church that many of our fellow skiers belong to. After special music, group singing, and snacks, there was a horse-drawn sleigh ride for anyone brave enough to face the 13 degree weather. 
My husband was one of those brave ones, committed to giving his kids a chance to make a memory. Here’s Jesse listening for the sound of the bells that meant the horses were coming. 
A new friend, Pearl, helped Jeremy with the kids, while I snapped a few pictures then went back inside by the fireplace! On a day when I was not feeling well enough to have an adventure, I was grateful for my husband’s enthusiasm and others willing help. 
Claire was toasty warm in a a lovely LLBean snow suit  hand-me-down, and her birthday blanket from ViviAnn. When she got back inside after the 10 min. ride, her nose wasn’t even pink or cold, and she was bright eyed with excitement.
Brother sat on top of the hay bales in the middle of the sleigh, and Daddy said The Boy likened the experience to being on a train ’cause every body was lined up next to each other (more than two of anything in a row can be a train, don’t you know)
Here they are are, ready to embark. 
Daddy told me Claire sat completely still for the whole ride, except for one little excited kick of her legs about half way along. And she sang her Happy Traveling Song – the same little hum she does when Brother gives her rides in the trailer of his tractor. That’s how you know she’s enjoying the ride. 
It was a long but enjoyable weekend for this tired momma. I missed our monthly church potluck and seeing our church family, but it was fun to hang out with all of our ski buddies, enjoying Taco Soup in the Lodge and a quick visit with my brother, Jordan, who works at a neighboring mountain. This weekend is the last week of the Adaptive Program, then I get my husband back – Whoo-hoo!☺ The following week we head to Lake Placid for a long weekend, which I am really looking forward to. More details on that trip coming next week.

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  1. Abbey Avatar

    Looks like a wonderful time!! Missed you at church!

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