Shaking in my Boots Obedience

I’m afraid to write about Allume.

Afraid I won’t get the words right. Afraid the right words won’t come out.

I need to listen to my friend Kristina’s Allume session RIGHT NOW. I heard her practice it, I know it’s about writers block, and I know she would tell me in perhaps the only voice I would listen to right now that I just need to write. Now. Just obey and put my fingers to the keys and let Him speak the words I know He will speak when I obey.

But I’m afraid.

Because, ya’ll, the picture I want to paint for you with my words is a grand, epic, masterpiece, full of vibrant colors and minute details, worthy of a 8 inch deep, gilt frame, and a wall in the Louvre.

image from Wikepedia

But I feel like all I am capable of is a simple sketch. We’re talkin’ stick figures. And I hate stick figures. I’ve always wanted to be one of those artists who could use paints and brushes to create a photo-like portrait. And I’ve been unwilling to start if I couldn’t finish perfectly.

But isn’t that the essence of what He taught me this past weekend? That feeling inadequate is ok? In fact, that He PREFERS to use broken, worn out, worthless-in-the-world’s-eyes vessels because (hello?!) then He gets the glory for the beauty He creates when we obey?

So, I put my fingers to the keyboard. Afraid that I won’t do Him justice. But determined that I will obey. Because I have seen the miracle of the broken vessel, the shattered pitcher, and His light shining all the brighter because of our inadequacies.

Um, this is gonna be a long story. I can’t tell it short. Y’all ok with that?

8 responses to “Shaking in my Boots Obedience”

  1. trina Avatar

    That’s ok dear. Take your time. The cream will rise to the top.
    I actually never wrote about my first allume….but this year God is telling me to write it all out so that I remember all the little miracles He did. It’s a step of faith for me, but I want to stay where I can hear His voice,

  2. Jess Avatar

    I’m all about stick figures!

    I still haven’t begun to write anything, because I can’t even begin to describe it.

  3. Shannon Coe Avatar

    Yes! I’m ok with it. And so suspenseful! Can’t wait to hear your words. Stick figures or not, they are always a blessing to me.

    1. Trina Avatar

      suspenseful. Yup. I learned that from you, lady! ha ha
      You are a part of this story, you know. Don’t worry. Your stick figure is really cute.

      1. Gretchen Louise Avatar

        The thing I love about stick figures is that at least I’m skinny when I’m a stick figure! 😉

        1. Trina Avatar

          I chose stick figures over thumb print figures just for you, dear

  4. Christin @ Joyful Mothering Avatar

    Um, yes, I’m OK with that, but I’m not OK that you left me hanging!! ROFL! 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      I’m breaking all my rules and threw up part two to this story directly after that intro post. So, you didn’t have to wait long 😉

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