Our Weekend: Unauthentic Seder Dinner and All


Ya’ll, I present to you the most laid back, inauthentic Seder dinner in the 3454 year history of Passover celebrations. Ritz crackers for Matzo. Steak bone for Lamb shank. Celery for Parsley. Kimchi for Horseradish sauce. But you know what? It worked. The purpose of celebrating this Jewish feast is to remind ourselves and our children of God’s great of His people–first from the Egyptions, and later, from Sin and Death through the sacrifice of His Son. We got it, the kids got it, and boy was that steak good! Oh, and I tried all week to do our Seder meal on a more appropriate night (like Passover on Tuesday, or on Maundy Thursday) but it wasn’t till Saturday that we pulled it together. So there. Free-style Seder. 


I took this picture just for you because I wanted you to see my hot crossed buns I made for Easter Sunday. But the buns never got crossed. Right after I took this picture, the bag exploded ’cause I’d made the icing too thick and the plastic just couldn’t hold up to the pressure of my formidable fist. They were still delicious.


This year I FINALLY figured out why I always have trouble putting together an Easter outfit.  I have always thought you were supposed to wear pastels like pale pink, green, yellow or lavender for Easter, and I this past year I figured out I just don’t do pastels. Instead I wore this here indigo maxi dress I made last summer that looked a little too maternity-ish at the time (as in, I put it on, and Mr. Holden asked how far along I was) but now it looks just right, dontcha think? And I’m 11 weeks, if you were wondering. (dontcha love the Rolling pin #PhotoBomb? Believe me when I say I do not actually store my rolling pin there.)


This little man. Swoon. New shirt and pants from Grandma. Hamming it up for the camera. New hair cut, too. I want to eat him. Every time I tell him that, though, he says, “Don’t eat me! Tickle me!” He has learned the art of compromise. 


Ya’ll, I now have a chalkboard wall, and am challenging myself to a new bit of art every weekend, using Pinterest for inspiration for quotes and font styles. This is a quick, fun way for me to make time for a little beauty in my day. It’s not perfect, but it brings me joy.

My mind wanders a lot in church, especially when preggo, as I feel my sugar begin to drop and wonder where I stuffed that cheese stick for my snack. But yesterday’s message snagged my mind and has stuck with me. The Pastor spoke on how we usually think of hope as a verb (something we have to DO), or as a noun (something we have to GET), but the reality is, hope is a Person: Jesus Christ.  I don’t have to do, I don’t have to strive to get, I can just rest in the One who saved my soul and is redeeming my life every day. I tell you, that truth had me praising God this morning as I saw a few rays of sunshine fighting through the grey of our late spring.

We have a Risen Hope. Hallelujah!

Tomorrow’s the big day! Keeping it real: Jeremy and I will be up late tonight finalizing links and making everything ready to share my new book with you tomorrow! I totally can hardly wait! If you want to be the FIRST to hear the moment the links go live, make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter. Subscribers always get the first scoop!

Your turn: Did you have a less-than-perfect but still-beautiful moment this weekend? Tell me about it?

6 responses to “Our Weekend: Unauthentic Seder Dinner and All”

  1. Joanna Avatar

    We (I…just me) had a big seder planned…all that we ended up with from the original idea was bitter greens….no lamb, leftover chicken…no matzo…just thinly sliced sourdough, I served it sideways and called it unleavened:) Thank you Trina for writing, I usually end up laughing a bit… sometimes even audibly (i didn’t want to use LOL) when I read your posts about every day life.

    1. Trina Avatar

      Ahh, Joanna–thanks for visiting me and laughing with me! Love that you did a simpler passover, too. 😉

  2. Chantel Avatar

    So. When I think of easter, I think of beautiful yellows, purples and robin egg blue. Of course, I wore white shoes before Easter and…uh, break lots of fashionable rules. But just sayin’. 😉 I’m not hugely pastel crazy and maybe that’s why I never think of them for Spring. 🙂

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Whenever we can we like to celebrate the Jewish holy days in some way. It helps us all to learn more about Jesus! 🙂

  4. Omily Avatar

    loooove you dress!

    And I am so happy to see other people’s rolling pin being used as a truck, or was it a sword?

    I love the relaxed Seder. Isn’t it fun to just be able to do it simplu and originally, because the meaning is what counts? And just being together…

    Good luck with the last minute things for the book

  5. Natasha Metzler Avatar

    I LOVE the rolling pin. 🙂

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