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Some would say that I’ve ‘arrived’. I’ve actually published a book. I can officially claim the title of ‘author’. But most days I feel like the journey has just begun. I have many more books and blog posts I want to write, and dozens of ways I want to improve as a writer. The great thing is, once you’ve found your passion, you don’t care how many miles you travel on this road—it’s your road, your path, and you’re enjoying the ride.

“The trick here is to learn to be content with the journey, because you never fully
arrive. However, the true masters of the craft are those who never grow
complacent. They’re never fully satisfied; they’re always pushing themselves a
little further.” – Jeff Goins, “You Are A Writer

I’m enjoying this ride so much, in fact, that I want to invite you on the journey with me. I’m going to start  by sharing my favorite resources for writing and publishing. Do you aspire to be an author? You can be, in just two steps:

Step One: Be A Writer

You say, oh, “I can’t claim that title!”

Let me clue you in—a writer is someone who writes. It’s that simple. It’s not a matter of how well you write, it’s the commitment TO write that defines you.  Have you written anything today? Yes? Great!

Still having trouble claiming that title? Well, then you need to read Jeff Goin’s brand new book, “You Are a Writer”. I got an advanced review copy of this book  (which just released this morning!) so I can personally tell you how awesome it is.

In his fresh and relevant style, Jeff logically explains what makes a true writer, how simple it is to claim the title, and how your life can be transformed when you start living like you believe it. Once you’ve claimed your title as writer, you can start ‘practicing in public’ with a blog. As you follow the simple steps Jeff lays out, you will grow in the craft and eventually you’ll have the experience and connections to take a really great idea beyond the blog and transform it into the author’s holy grail—a book.

“The best way to practice is to do it publicly.” Jeff Goins, “You Are A Writer

Jeff covers everything an aspiring writer/author needs to know in today’s publishing world. I loved his advice on branding, his practical tips for pitching your work, and especially his personal journey toward being a writer. It’s seriously inspiring.

Step Two: Publish!

Specifically, an eBook. Why? Because you can. For the first time in history, anyone can self publish their creation through the venue of electronic publishing. For free–or a few hundred bucks if you have to delegate the technical side of things–you can upload your book and deliver it to your followers, not to mention the whole wide world.

I first got the idea to self publish an ebook by watching two of my mentors in the online world – Amy Andrews and Sarah Mae. I read their work, and soon became a passionate advocate of their books and ebooks in general. EBooks are powerful because they’re relevant. Traditional publishing takes 2 years minimum from proposal to publishing. If the content is time sensitive, by the time it reaches your audience, it could be out of date or that need met by someone else. Conversely, an ebook can be written, published, and available to its audience all in a matter of weeks.

Also, self publishing means you don’t have to wait for a publisher to choose you. You can pick yourself and get the ball rolling. You can begin your career as an author by your choice, right now, thanks to electronic publishing.

“T his is the magic of the age in which we now live. We are all publishers. And
peers to those whom we previously used to pitch our work.” – Jeff Goins, “You Are A Writer

If you are interested in self-publishing an ebook, I can’t give you better advice than to read Amy and Sarah Mae:

“W e writers have never seen a time like the day in which we now live. I hope you
take advantage of it.” – Jeff Goins, “You Are A Writer

Stick around this month as I give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my own publishing journey. I hope to encourage you that if you have a book inside you, it may finally be time to share it with the world.

What book do you hope to write someday? I’d love to hear about it in the comments…

7 responses to “Resources for Aspiring Authors”

  1. […] the name of Christ.  But for those of us who do write for His glory?  You Are a Writer is an extra-special tool, because it enables us to be a better steward of the gift God has given […]

  2. Traci Avatar

    Isn’t it funny how we all write but feel like to be “a writer” there is some sort of qualification? When in reality it’s like painting or singing or any other art form.. glorifying the One who inspires us is all the qualification needed.

    I remember when I tossed out all my published articles from college and tossed my only copy of the literary mag that had published one of my poems.. and somehow it was freeing because I had since come to know Jesus and it had all become clearer than my muddled sense of worth at the time.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!

  3. […] the name of Christ.  But for those of us who do write for His glory?  You Are a Writer is an extra-special tool, because it enables us to be a better steward of the gift God has given […]

  4. Lisa Avatar

    Thank you for this timely post Trina! I am currently writing a book about Lilly’s 17 months with Trisomy 18. (Some days it’s so easy other days so hard!) I want to offer it as an e-book but wasn’t sure how and had not yet had time to research. I will start with your links in this post. 🙂 I also hope to make it available in hardback and have had the self-publishing co. suggested to me by my brother that used them. Anyway, thank you again for this post and I look forward to reading more! God bless you!

  5. Jess Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to “be published”. I just feel like i have SO many things in my head, but not enough of any ONE thing to write a book.

  6. Rachel Avatar

    So excited to hear your publishing story, I’ve definitely wondered about it. I’d love to turn my daughter’s NICU story into a book! She came at 27 weeks weighing only 1 lb. 15 oz…. definitely a miracle of God’s grace that I’d love to share with people!

    1. Jess Avatar

      Amen! Rachel!

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