Reforming Social Media: A Challenge and a Blessing

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.

As an extrovert, I love how social media allows me to communicate with people 24/7. But as a wife, mother, and writer, I’m constantly challenged to find the balance between my love for social media and the very real need to get the dishes done. I’ve asked myself more than once…

Is it really worth the effort to maintain a postive presence on social media?

As many times as I’ve been frustrated with my own lack of self-control, the constant changes on Facebook, or the learning curve on Twitter, I have not yet felt led to walk away from social media because I’m convinced of these two things:

  1. God wants to use social media to reach areas of my heart that need sanctifying. God has a lot to teach me, and social media is a great classroom. Lessons on humility, self-control, and love abound. Leaving social media would be like walking out in the middle of class.
  2. God wants me to use social media to reach others. He’s given me a passion to encourage others with the emancipating truth of His love for us, and social media allows me to share this message without leaving my home or neglecting my family.

Wow. Does that feel like a rather high calling for something that most of us see as a form of entertainment? Perhaps. But God uses small things like mustard seeds and sparrows to teach us about His kingdom – can He not use a Tweet or status for His glory? And, as believers, do we not agree that we have a responsibility to let every area of our lives bring God glory?

The “how” of instagramming or pinning or chatting it up on Facebook for God’s glory can get a little vague, and that’s why the new book, #ReformingSocialMedia by Mandy J. Hoffman, is so important. Not simply a reminder of something we already know, Mandy’s book gives us a vision of just what it can look like when we social media for God’s glory.reforming-social-media-463x700

With soundly applied scripture and thought-provoking questions, Mandy leads us to conviction and a renewed passion to let our presence online reflect the God we serve IRL. 

It’s amazing how reading this book has refreshed me in my effort to keep social media in balance in my life. When I sit down with my laptop or pull out my smartphone in a moment of down time, I have a new vision of the potential these moments have to impact the Kingdom.

When I remember I’m on social media for His glory, not my own, my interaction can be a form of worship.

Now that’s something to Tweet about. (Go ahead–tweet it!)

My friend Mandy’s book, #ReformingSocialMedia launches today. The above thoughts are actually from the forward, written by yours truly. 😉 I first got a glimpse of the beginnings of this book over a year ago, and Mandy’s words have stuck with me like few other books I’ve read on the topic. 

This book is for you IF:

…You liked Unwired Mom by Sarah Mae. Mandy is homeschooling mom and a pastor’s wife. She writes from the very real, middle-of-the-trenches place that Sarah Mae does when she writes about the online world, and Mandy’s book will change how you forever think about social media.

…You liked Treasuring Christ by Gloria Furnam. Mandy has the same ability as Gloria does to connect big theological ideas to the everyday. In fact, Gloria endorsed Mandy’s book with these words,

“Graciously written with an aim to magnify Christ in all things, Mandy has cooked up a lot of food for thought in Reforming Social Media.

…You’ve become disillusioned with social media. This book will excite you about the potential impact anyone can have for the Kingdom–whether you have a large or small following!

…You’ve stayed away from social media. Yes, this book is even for you if you don’t have Facebook! Mandy speaks to you, too, helping even those on the outskirts to have a Gospel-centered view of social media.

I’m so proud of my friend’s diligence to publish the words God’s put on her heart, and hope you’ll check out her book! 

This post contains affiliate links because I’m thrifty like that. 😉 Thanks for supporting my addiction. 

7 responses to “Reforming Social Media: A Challenge and a Blessing”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these awesome thoughts AND exposing me to Mandy’s book! I am newer to the blogosphere and the process of promoting the blog on social media and maintaining my personal life social media makes it all feel very, well.. ME ME ME! Which can tend to leave a bad taste in my own mouth let alone my followers (potentially.. I hope not! Anyhoo, this is a really great resource that I’m happy to stumble upon. (I actually found you through Kat Lee’s How They Blog podcast.. your’s was awesome, thanks for the GREAT tips!)

    1. Trina Avatar

      Shannon, great to meet you! You’re right–it’s a crazy world online and finding and keeping balance can be tricky. I peeked at your blog, thought, and it looks like you’ve got a great mix of enough information about you that people can connect with YOU, and then bringing it back to a focus on others. Great job, and gorgeous design! And yes, Kat Lee rocks. 😉

      1. Shannon Avatar

        Whaaaat! Trina Holden looked at my blog?! *pinch me* Haha thanks so much for all you do and the great insight/review. Looking forward to your future posts 🙂

  2. Tammy Avatar

    Great topic! I’ve really struggled with embracing all that social media has to offer. I kind of take a bratty child like approach to most of it, crossing my arms and saying ” I refuse to be a part of this”! I’ve slowly explored the online community and have fell in love with a few blogs- yours for sure;) But I still walk this fine line with accepting what Facebook and twitter and instagram have to offer. I am not part of those communities…yet. I say yet because since I’ve started my own business, I get asked all.the.time about my online presence-or the lack there of. Almost a shaming feeling from most. Like how could I actually survive without having a*fill in the blank* account. Thanks for putting this out there.
    P.S-Sorry for the novel-again. I really don’t know how to respond with a sentence or 2-haha! Can you tell I’m a talker?

    1. Trina Avatar

      Tammy–so glad we could connect here. 😉 I’m a talker, too, so you can’t scare me. 😉
      I’ll tell you a secret–I don’t do facebook and twitter for my business. in fact, until last year, I didn’t “DO” any social media platform intentionally for my business. This year, I finally found the platform I felt was worth investing in (because it’s both effective and fun) and that was instagram. My advice is don’t let fear or shame motivate you–don’t let those things keep you from stepping out where your business will benefit and your heart will have fun. For me that’s instagram. If you wanna find out out more how I”m learning to use instagram intentionally, email me. 😉

  3. Mandy Hoffman (@MandyJHoffman) Avatar

    Thank you Trina for all your kind and encouraging words. Thank you for being willing to bless me today.

    1. Trina Avatar

      absolutley, Mandy! I love your book!

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