Real Food Burnout Is Real

Have you ever suffered from Real Food Burnout? It’s an actual condition, people! Symptoms include an aversion to the kitchen, phobia regarding shopping or menu planning, and surprisingly strong cravings for junk food. Sufferers often experience amnesia in regards to meal ideas, paralysis when it comes to trying something new, and general depression on the topic of food.

How do I know so much about this condition? Because I’m a recovering victim myself.

I succumb to Real Food Burnout when I only focus on the list of things I want to change, when I forget that eating well is a journey, and when I think that my health is all up to me. Sometimes burnout episodes last for days or weeks, but in extreme cases, patients give up and never try to eat healthy again.

I don’t want that to happen to you–I want you to keep making steady progress on this journey! So, I’ve gathered a few perspective-giving thoughts over at Keeper of the Home this week, to help your stamina and sanity on the days where eating well wears you out…

Real Food Burnout

Visit me over there? Breaking Free From Real Food Burnout on Keeper of the Home.

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