Purple is Baby Claire’s favorite color. Her brother likes purple playdough.

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5 responses to “Purple!”

  1. Abbey Avatar

    Oh, Claire is so cute I think she would look good in any color!!!

  2. Trina Avatar

    I sincerely hope Claire doesn’t get sick of purple due to mommies fondness of this shade – I promise to let her wear other colors when she’s old enough to care! LOLActually, though I, personally don’t like wearing red, Claire looks wonderful in red and other bold colors – she does have outfits in all colors and we always exclaim when she is in red or blue or dark purple – it looks so good on her.

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    How do you know that her favorite color is purple?!!You never know,she might decide that she likes pink better when she can talk!!

  4. Miki Avatar

    i love the little play-doh fingers♥

  5. Clare R Avatar

    Her smile gets to me every time. What a darling!

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