Podcasts For Moms

Does ‘podcasts for moms’ sound incongruous to you?

It always did to me. I thought podcasts were for techy nerds, entrepreneurs, and people with long commutes.

podcasts for moms

I am none of the above but I have this new mania…for podcasts. Here’s what I love about them…

Podcasts help me clean my house!

Podcasts are my new secret housecleaning tool. I’ve discovered that the best way for me to do mundane, mindless tasks is to put on a podcast and engage my mind while my hands work. It works for folding laundry, cleaning a huge mess in the kitchen, cleaning your bedroom, or organizing any cupboard.

Wanna see pictures of my mess?


Um, yeah. That’s my room. But this?


…is also my room, after a 40 min. podcast!!! It’s like magic!

Podcasts Help Me Grow as a Mom!

I’ve chosen motherhood as my career. Continued education and inspiration in my field is a must to face my day with joy and finish with satisfaction. I used to get a whole lot of great input from my favorite blogs. But with 4 kids, my leisure reading time is drastically reduced. Podcasts have been a way for me to build into myself while I do the work needed to keep my home running well.

So, want some of this awesome sauce? Here’s some of my favorites…

Podcasts for Moms

Here’s my top 4 favorite podcasts for moms so far–these are the ones I subscribe to, don’t miss an episode of, and am slowly working my through the archives of till I’ve heard them all!

God Centered Mom Podcast with Heather McFayden

Oh, my goodness. I adore Heather. And her podcast is so interesting, professional, and inspiring. I love the guests she invites, she’s awesome at asking interview questions that keep the conversation engaging, and her voice makes for great listening. I’ve listened to almost all the episodes to date, and every one of them has blessed me. And her reminder in the intro that God goes before me, comes behind me, and walks beside me in my motherhood–it brings me to tears almost ever time.

Inspired to Action Podcast with Kat Lee

I’ve been following Kat around the internet for years–her intentionality in her motherhood and blogging have inspired me time and again. I just can’t believe it took me so long to start tuning into her podcast! Kat is fun, down to earth, and her episodes are full of great takeaways and one-liners that are life changing.

Simple Mom Podcast with Tsh Oxenrieider

Casual and chatty, this podcast kinda feels like eavesdropping on some good girlfriend time. Tsh often has repeat guests, so if your a fan of a particular interviewee, you can hear more from them by searching the archives. Tsh covers a wide variety of topics and keeps it real and lighthearted.

Read Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie

This podcast is brand new, but already made it on my favorites list! Sarah has produced a very enjoyable and professional podcast with an awesome theme. I have to admit that I didn’t realize how important reading aloud was, and one episode was enough to start a revival in this house! If you’re an Andrew Pudewa fan (like me!) you’ll love her interview with him in the first episode.

More Podcasts

These are a few more podcasts I’ve found to to help me grow in the blogger, wife, and teacher roles in my life. I’m always looking for more quality podcasts and will probably add to this list in the future–especially if you’d be so kind to share your favorite podcasts with me!

Podcasts For Bloggers…

Podcasts For Wives…

  • Sexy Marriage Radio–I’m very cautious before sharing anything along these lines with my readers, but I’ll have you know I’ve done the research on this site–the hosts, though not blatantly Christian on the podcast, are indeed Christ followers and the show is very beneficial without being explicit. The first episode I listened to (SMR #28 Attachment Styles) blew my mind and I listened to it again with my husband and we had some great discussions on the content!

Podcasts For Homeschoolers…

  • Christian Homeschool Moms–this is the best homeschooling-themed podcast I’ve found so far–I’m  on the lookout for more in this genre!

How to Listen to Podcasts

Well, you can use your desktop, laptop, or smart phone. If you use your smart phone it’s really smart (haha) to use an app. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to technical stuff, so my friend, Gretchen, talked me through finding an app that I liked so I didn’t have to keep visiting the individual sites to find the latest episode. Yes, a podcast app is like a feed reader for podcasts! Check out her awesome podcast review post with reviews of a bunch of apps to find out which one is right for you.

So, I use my smart phone, and set it on the window sill above my counter when I’m washing dishes…or my dresser when I’m cleaning my room…or my hands free thingy when I’m driving in the car. I usually don’t try to listen to a podcast till later in the day, after I’ve already given the kids my undivided attention for a while, or they tend to get annoyed at mommy being focused on something else. 😉 So, we do our school time (which mostly consists of reading aloud on the couch together) and chores and lunch, and all that together time that fills their cups, then, when they’re engrossed in play in their bedrooms, or outside in the yard,  I choose an area of the house to focus on and start an episode. 4pm is my most common podcast hour–while I reclaim the kitchen and fix dinner.

Another fun thing you can do with your new podcast habit is to talk your friends into listening to them, too, and then you can discuss the content together, which makes it an even deeper experience, enhancing fellowship and sinking the truths deeper into your spirit. Gretchen and I are always texting each other “have you listened to episode such and such yet?” It’s been fun to grow and learn together. (You can also read her post on 10 reasons she loves podcasts!)

So, do you have a messy closet (or room!) that needs attention? Do you need inspiration in a specific role in your life? Try a podcast and tell me how it goes!

15 responses to “Podcasts For Moms”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    I realize this is an old post, but wanted to let you know that I recently started a podcast called Bringing Up Betty. It’s a podcast about parenting kids with special needs. Please check it out!

    1. Trina Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  2. Sarah C Avatar
    Sarah C

    I have gotten suh blessing from the Revive Our Hearts podcast. Such excellent teaching from the Word for women! It has really deepened my walk with the Lord, and helped equip me to be a godly wife and mother 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      thanks for sharing about Nancy’s podcast, Sarah! That’s a good one, too.

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  4. Becky Avatar

    Thank you so much for this post! I downloaded a podcast app on my phone, and quickly found a few of the ones you recommend. They are so encouraging and inspiring and I really needed that right now! And it totally gives my brain something to do while I’m cleaning the kitchen or making dinner, so that I’m not tempted to check my phone fifty-billion times (thus slowing the process way down). Such a good idea! 🙂

    1. Trina Avatar

      um, yeah. checking the phone fifty-billion times. I’m so with you. My kitchen LOVES podcasts. 😉 Thanks for your sweet comment, Becky!

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  6. Laila (@OnlyLaila) Avatar

    I started listening to podcasts a few months ago in the morning and have fallen in love. Thanks for listing some that I haven’t heard about. I listen to both of Kat Lee’s podcasts.

  7. Sara Avatar

    Thanks for this encouragement. I’ve started using this idea to set aside some time to do knitting and listen to these instead of TV shows. 🙂 One homeschooling podcast suggestion I’ve run into…. I’m working my way through the Introduction to Homeschooling series on http://www.thatmom.com. I’m only into my 2nd podcast of hers, but I thought I’d share.

  8. Claire @ Lemon Jelly Cake Avatar

    Whoa, so many podcasts I could be listening to! the only one on your list that I’m familiar with is the Simple Mom podcast . . . I definitely need to start listening to podcasts again. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all of your recommendations!

  9. Kristin Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing the Declare Conference podcast! We are excited about it and Heather does an amazing job! I’m excited to check out the others you mentioned as well. -Kristin

  10. Rachel @ Mason Jar Values Avatar

    I am right there with you! Imposing mess but podcasts ready to go. Thanks for pointing out a few new ones I haven’t heard of!

  11. Stacy Avatar

    Oh, how I love podcasts! Like you, I don’t have a lot of “sit down and read time” but I listen to podcasts throughout the day. Sometimes I do so with an earbud in one ear and other times wide open so everyone can benefit. My podcasts usually involve preaching. I love to hear the Truth proclaimed and I need it throughout my day! I look forward to subscribing to these you’ve listed and adding them to my app! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Emily C. Gardner Avatar

    Podcasts and cleaning is my plan today! Great list – I’m intrigued by Sexy Marriage Radio…

    I’ve been enjoying The Lively Show and, though not a podcast, The Verse Project is amazing.

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