Picnic In the Orchard

Whenever I pack them a picnic lunch, Jesse makes a beeline for the pear tree, calling his sister to keep up with him, all the way out back to the orchard.

He spreads the blanket, then the napkin, and carefully dolls out the cheese tortillas to him and his sister. He even keeps an eye on Little Brother when mommy runs back to the house for her camera.

Then he picks me a flower.

I love him.

6 responses to “Picnic In the Orchard”

  1. Sarah Tressia Avatar

    What a lovely place to eat lunch!

  2. Abbey Avatar

    This is just so perfect!

  3. Alia Dalwai Avatar


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  4. Kateri Avatar

    That is the most adorable pinic spot! Maybe Jesse will show it to me tomorrow or Thursday. (And what a great big brother Jesse is.)

  5. NotUnredeemed Avatar

    Love, love, love!!!! <3

  6. Jessica Avatar

    Looks like the perfect place for a picnic!

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