A Peek Into Our February

I finally got around to learning how to upload photos on the laptop, and so I present these latest cute-kid-pictures along with a little personal update on our little family…

Jesse is learning to make bread with me. How I have looked forward to this day, and the opportunity to pass on my knowledge in the kitchen so that eventually I can delegate entire tasks to him. And this is not just for my benefit – helping in the kitchen and being given important jobs is his favorite part of any day. It makes him feel so proud and accomplished.
We are making Yeasted Buttermilk Bread from Nourishing Traditions. It has been the answer to my quest for a good, soaked, sandwich bread! I will be sharing my version of the recipe soon.

Seth is discovering the joys of tummy time and cars. He enjoyed playing cars with his brother the other day.

Claire is learning to dress herself – I thought you’d enjoy this picture of the process.

Another big step she has taken is deciding to potty train herself. Don’t ask me what I did to deserve this. I’ve had the responsibility to potty train 3 other children in my life and I’ve never experienced such an easy transition, nor at such a young age. She’s so young, she can hardly even communicate when she has to go, so the only dirty diapers I’ve had to change in the past 10 days have happened when she hasn’t been able to get my attention in time. I’m convinced her motivation for all of this is her appetite for thrill-seeking. She prefers to use the big toilet, and loves the balancing act of climbing up a stool and getting herself in place. Her eyes just sparkle whenever she is on her ‘perch’. 🙂

I am fully in hibernation mode here – only go out when I absolutely have to – Church, once a week errands, and to the ski lodge on the weekends if I have the gumption. I do take the kids out to play in the snow – again, when I have the gumption and it coincides with one of Seth’s naps. Jesse longs for summer and Claire cries every time it’s time to come back inside. I am in the kitchen a lot, perfecting new soup recipes and planning the menu for our 5 day ski trip to Lake Placid in two weeks. A few minutes here and there in the studio or on the couch with a good book – I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying winter, even if my kids are a little stir-crazy!

Jeremy is working 7 days a week right now, with the ski program running on weekends, but some how we are able to connect and keep up with things. It’s not easy, but we encourage ourselves knowing it’s just for a season and try to make the most of it. I was delighted last week when the Saturday session was canceled, allowing us to go out Friday night – we hadn’t had a date in ages! I even left Seth for the first time, and of course he had a lovely time with his siblings at Grandpa and Grandma’s and didn’t even miss me. We did some window shopping and had dinner at the Outback Restaurant that we ate at on our very first date!

I hope you’re having a lovely winter, and if you are feeling a little stir crazy, check out these tips I collected for ‘Combating Cabin Fever‘ a few years ago. A cup of chai sounds really good right now…

2 responses to “A Peek Into Our February”

  1. Miki Avatar

    Trina.. that is so funny about Claire toilet training herself. Amelia did the exact same thing! Makes for very easy parenting, eh? ;-}

  2. Traci Avatar

    Hello friend! Does Jesse naturally enjoy helping or is it a learned behavior? Aidan enjoys very few of the jobs I have to offer, especially in this season, and I wish I could change that but haven't found a way yet. He'd prefer having dad home to do what he calls 'Men's Work'… and while I try to make things fun it never is. Usually it ranges from him working unenthusiastically beside me to me disciplining him for insolence.

    Any tips?

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