A Peek into My Week

In an effort to allow you to get to know me better, I have finally completed an “About Me” page on my blog. I also decided to participate in YLCF‘s “Peek into Your Week” carnival. Between these two posts, I hope we can all feel better acquainted! If you decide to participate in “Peek into Your Week”, give me a head’s up in a comment – I’d love to get a glimpse of your life, as well!

A typical week at my house…

Monday‘s is often ‘catch up from the weekend’ day. If we have spent the sabbath relaxing, the house usually shows it! This week we had company coming for dinner, so, by the grace of God and thanks to the kids taking simultaneous naps, I was able to get the house in shape by dinner. I usually vacuum downstairs once a week, and upstairs once or twice a month. I also wipe down the bathroom (which I try to do every day so it doesn’t ever get gross!) and get most of the toys tossed (yes, literally thrown!) back in the playroom.

Dinner was nice – I feel like I am finally getting the hang of being a relaxed hostess – for me it means planning ahead. I literally made Monday’s dinner on Saturday so it only had to be reheated that night.

Tuesday is errand day. I schedule my weekly chiropractic appointment for 10:30, and try to fit in all my other little local errands (post office, library, Amish produce stand, etc.) before or after that, and get home by lunch! It’s also milk day – when we pick up our week’s worth of good, raw milk at the nearest dairy farm. My mother in law and I take turns picking up milk for each other and 2 other families – usually getting 10 gallons total. This week I asked for her to do it ’cause I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get out the door in time! I usually leave the kids at grandma’s for the morning so I am free to zip around quickly. I took Seth to my chiropractor with me ’cause he had been acting like his neck was stiff, not wanting to nurse on the right side. Sure enough, she said his neck was ‘out’ and she gently massaged it and them popped it back in. Seth was not such a fan of this, but I know it made him feel better.

In the afternoon two of my sewing students came to give me a hand – it’s how they pay me for their sewing lessons. It’s a great arrangement. One helped me with laundry while the other gave my kids some great undivided attention AND cleaned the playroom. After that I was ready to call it quits and was glad we had leftovers for dinner!

Wednesday I decided to make my shopping day. I run local errands for fresh produce and dairy every week, but about once a month I make the trek up to a larger grocery store to stock up on what I can’t get locally, such as meat, rice pasta, and coffee. I have a friend who offered to watch Jesse and Claire while I shop. It’s a new arrangement and I love the idea of sharing childcare so we can both gain a little more flexibility in our lives. She’s due with her third at the end of the month and is really looking forward to the help I’ve promised her in the coming season! ๐Ÿ™‚ I race through my shopping with the ease of just one child to cart around, and enjoy Seth’s smiles from the front of the cart.

The afternoon will be spent putting away groceries and prepping some freezer meals. I plan to take the large packs of ground beef I bought, mix in a few ingredients, and shape them into meatloaves or Salisbury steaks for quick freezer meals for later in the month.

Thursday will be a nice day at home. Since housework seems pretty caught up, I may get a chance to work on some projects in the Studio. Claire’s birthday is at the end of the month, and I need to finish the gifts I am making her. I’m also making some Cover-Me-Pretty-Camis for a friend that I need to get finished up. Jeremy has a business meeting in the evening, so I plan on putting the kids to bed and cuddling up on the couch with a movie and some hand sewing.

Friday will be another home day. I really do try not to go out too often as it makes keeping up with the house and cooking difficult. By Friday I will be thinking of menu plans for the weekend, making sure what clothes we may need make it into the laundry, packing the diaper bags, etc. You never know what Saturday may bring, so I start my weekend prep well in advance.

In the evening I have a special treat – Jeremy is going to watch the kids so I can attend the first of my friend Claire’s Nourishing Cooking Classes. Though not much of the info may be new to me, I’m looking forward to supporting her and gleaning what I can on this rare girl’s night out.

Saturday…Our weekends in the fall are very busy – We will call a total of 5 square dances this autumn. This weekend is actually free, so after he gets off work at 1pm, Jeremy will probably get a chance to work on the upstairs bathroom project again. He is almost done with the tile on the floor, and soon we will get the sink and the toilet in! We all enjoy when daddy is home, the kids usually follow him around everywhere and it’s amazing he gets anything done! I will finish Sabbath prep and probably make our weekly homemade pizza for dinner.

Sunday. We are part of a small, family-oriented fellowship of which my father-in-law, Mark Holden, is pastor. We meet in a local fire-hall, and Jeremy leads worship. The first Sunday of every month is Fellowship Meal, when we have a big potluck dinner and hang out together in the afternoon. This weekend, however, we heard that David Ring is going to be speaking at a church about 2 hours from us. We were all interested in a chance to see him, so our whole fellowship is heading to Barean Bible Church for the day. I know I have some friends and readers who live in that area – maybe we will see you there!

So, that’s a typical week at my home. Now, I better get off the computer and go unpack my groceries! LOL

10 responses to “A Peek into My Week”

  1. Kandace Avatar

    What a packed week! Sounds like you're on top of things ๐Ÿ™‚

    I've been enjoying reading about everyone's weeks. I'm looking forward to reading about you right now..

  2. Chantel Avatar

    Thanks so much for detailing your day and joining us on YLCF! I enjoyed reading about how you fill your moments. And I agree- the more often I go to town the less gets done around here. Town always makes me feel so tired and unmotivated. When I get home I just want to curl up with something hot to drink and a book. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going to read your about page now!

  3. Kristina Avatar

    Trina, I was talking with Rays mom about you folks coming down.We would all love to see you folks.What are your plans while you come down?

  4. Trina Avatar

    Oh, Kristina – it would be great to see you! But we're going to the 11am service (we were glad they have such a late service 'cause we have to drive so far!). Maybe you could stick around? ๐Ÿ™‚

    rahrah, yes, I often fit into the stereotype of a first born, not 'cause my brother wasn't trustworthy, but mostly 'cause, after he moved out at 18, I was the eldest in the home until I was married, which was 7 years.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the about page. Thanks for the feedback!

  5. rahraht Avatar

    Just noticed your “About” page and read it. I never realized there are 7 of you – just like my family! ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the record, if you're the oldest girl, you might as well be the oldest child. At least until your brother reaches a certain level of maturity. You know, when he can be trusted to not jump off the roof of the house when your parents leave you at home alone ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can't wait till you publish your book! I'll pre-order!!!

  6. Kristina Avatar

    Hey Trina,We have been going to Barean Bible Church For the past year now. Maybe we will see you folk there.We are going to be at the early service.Love Kristina

  7. Trina Avatar

    SarahElizabeth – don't worry, you're not the only one who doesn't know where the fingerlakes are – I lived in NY for 6 years before I had a clue of what was only 2 hours from us! Then we moved to the fingerlakes and I couldn't believe what we'de been missing! LOL

  8. Belle Avatar

    A lovely post. It reminded me of the days when I raised my two girls. Those were happy days.

  9. DelightinginHim Avatar

    I really liked reading about your week!
    I think the idea of sharing childcare is a great one, and gives each mommy a much needed break/help.

  10. SarahElisabeth Avatar

    Great idea-good to get to know you. You certainly seem to have packed in a great deal.
    I enjoyed the new page too. Will need to get my atlas out to see the Finger Lakes.
    Sarah-the geography ignoramus from London

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