A Peek in my Window This Morning

The alarm went off at 6 – an hour earlier than normal, as Jeremy is headed to Pennsylvania today to pick up an order of coal stoves from the manufacturer. I rolled out of bed into the almost-frosted September air and quickly pulled my giant fleece bathrobe on over my p.j.’s. Being a breakfast person myself, I am highly dedicated to sending my man out the door with a warm breakfast in the morning – even if he doesn’t feel like eating it, at least I have done my duty. ๐Ÿ™‚ 40 min. later I sent him off with a kiss and an egg and sausage sandwich on a fresh-from-the-oven buttery biscuit. Sorry, no pictures. I’m sure that description is enough to make your mouth water.

Jeremy will be gone till dinner, so I plan to spend the day at my mother’s. She doesn’t know this yet, but I will call her after I finish blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anja and Olivia got back from vacation last night, so we are anxious to see eachother. Besides that, I have been so busy, I feel like I haven’t spent any time with my mother even thought I’ve seen her every day this week. We shall have a lovely day getting caught up.

It seems like we celebrated Jesse’s birthday all week – Tuesday night at Bauman’s, Wednesday at Holden’s – and yesterday finally a day at home so he could play with all his fun new toys. His favorites so far? A giant floor puzzle from Aunt Kristi and Uncle Buzz, his new books, and his trains. I think it works nice to space out the presents for a two year old – he doesn’t get overwhelmed, and has a chance to appreciate each one. I have one more gift wrapped that I am saving for Sunday – a cloth book – its novelty will help keep our new two year old quiet during Grandpa’s sermon.

In case you missed the news, my sister-in-law, Joanna, arrived back home on Monday, and we have been busy all week with wedding details. We have had fun all along the way as we found shoes and a viel to match her dress, got it fitted, and continued to purchase supplies for the reception. Most of the pictures were on Elise’s camera, so I will be posting those as soon as she sends me a link….(hint, hint!:))

Tomorrow is the bridal shower – hooray! There should be some neat pictures of that to post next week. Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

P.S. I do plan on publishing a Fabulous Fashion Friday as frequently as possible – but my sisters were not in Church on Sunday so I had no photos or inspiration to blog about!

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  1. Abbey Avatar

    Looking forward to the bridal shower! I think it will be a blast! Waiting for more Fabulous Fashion Fridays!!!

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