Pain Redeemed {An eBook Review!}

In keeping with my passion to encourage other ebook authors and continuing my ebook how-to series, today I’m featuring my friend Natasha’s new book,

I hope her book and a little bit of her publishing story that she shared with me will encourage you in your own dreams and the effort to ePublish.

Description from Amazon:

“There are hundreds of way that pain can rip through our lives. How are we to face it? How do we keep from crumbling under the weight?

The author of Pain Redeemed takes you on a journey through her own walk with infertility and with honesty and raw truthfulness tells the story of God meeting her there, right in the middle.

Are you wondering where He is? Come taste the miracle of Pain Redeemed.”

My Review:

Pain Redeemed is for anyone who has felt pain. In other words, for everyone.

Natasha’s book is like a gem (an emerald, to be exact--isn’t that cover gorgeous!?) which, once you’ve read it, you carry with you everywhere. And just like a gem worn on your hand, the understanding and renewed belief that God is even now redeeming your pain will add sparkle to even the darkest days.

Though I haven’t personally experienced infertility, the truths Natasha shares in her exquisite prose were readily applicable and I found myself weeping as I read. Her words breathed hope into my heart and I was strengthened in my ability to look at trials from God’s vantage point.

I highly recommend it. Especially if you, like me, enjoy a good, cleansing cry occasionally. Don’t worry…it has a redeeming ending.

The Interview

I asked Natasha a few questions about her publishing journey…

1. What led you to ePublish vs. traditional publishing?
I chose to ePublish this time around because, honestly, I felt that was what the Lord told me to do. Later, I realized the reasons behind His instructions. My message was short and for today. My goal and vision was to get the story of the redemption of my pain into women’s hands while I was still in the middle of it. There would be no guarantee of that if I pursued traditional publishing.

2. What was the hardest/best part of the ePublishing journey for you?
Self-promotion makes me uncomfortable. Being able to design my cover was a blast.

3. How did you fit eBook creation into your busy routine?
My blogging halted while I wrote and I spent several nights a week working until 2 and 3 in the morning. My dishes rarely were washed and the laundry piled on a regular basis. Meals were erratic, at best.

4. Will you ever publish another eBook and why?
If I felt the Lord’s leading, I definitely would.

I love the WHY behind Natasha’s choice to self-publish electronically. How about you? Can you relate to any part of Natasha’s journey? How’s your book doing?

I know you’ll be inspired by Natasha’s story as well as the great job she did with her book (I loved her formatting choices!). Here’s where you can get your copy.


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