Out of the Archives: Gracious Hospitality

What a fun month it has been on the blog! I have really enjoyed digging into the archives and finding some favorite posts to re-publish. In only wish I had had more time to post – there is so much more to share with you! I have decided that I will continue to post out of the archives as the fancy hits me.

Here is another favorite post I found today while searching for something. This one makes me want to visit the V—- family again – and makes me glad that there will be a wedding that will bring us together with these dear friends in the near future! (Congratulations, Alice! ;))

Oh, and one more thing – I meant to make note of it but it slipped by without me noticing – Saturday’s Wordless Weekend was our 1000th post – hoorah! ๐Ÿ™‚

(Originally posted March 3rd, 2008)
Yesterday we attended a bridal shower at our friends, the V—–‘s, home in Buffalo. It was such an enjoyable and refreshing time, and I recorded my impressions of the day in my journal…

I love their house! Their home is a perfect extension of who they are. It is so comfortable, and set up with such a mind toward its guests, that you feel like you are being hugged by a V—– just walking through the door! Of course, you are usually being hugged by 3 or 4 of them as soon as you walk through the door, but I’m serious – the house hugs you, too!

I tried to analyze just what gave the house such a comfy, pleasant air, so I could take home some hints to apply in my own little house. I am having several guests this week so I shall have a chance to practice what I’ve learned.

Lesson one: the host says, “let me take your coat” instead of, “you can throw your coat there” or leaving it to the guest to attempt to snag their coat on the already-over-full coat hooks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then, within minutes of being in the house (after visiting the delightful bird-themed bathroom with the lily-in-the-valley sachet), you are offered a variety of somethings to drink.

Though the rooms were not large, they nevertheless invite – yea, encourage! – you to cram as many people into them as possible, for you just know you will have a lovely time there, and the more the merrier (That especially inspired me, with our small, trailer-sized living room – size isn’t everything!) The chairs were cozy, and the carpet invited overflow. A friendly Afghan (the knitted kind) was placed conveniently here and there.

My favorite part – the detail that gave the home its personality, which made it feel so friendly, were the pictures on the walls. Simply framed and filling each appropriate wall space, was a lovely collection of domestic art. Vintage samplers, a few pleasing prints, but mostly photos of the family. On the wall by the stairs, in the hall, on the cupboard top – from the most recent shots of each of their 5 children, most with spouses now, to shots of diapered toddlers from the 80’s (which looked uncannily like the many photos of grandson #1 that could be sighted in every room) It was a delight to meander through the rooms, visiting each photo and tasting the love and loyalty each one exuded. I especially loved how many of the photos were printed out as black and whites. I was so inspired that, just as soon as I finish hosting this week’s guests, I’m gonna work on getting some pictures hung up on our walls!

The sampler pictured is “A-maze-ing Garden Sampler” by Nouveau Encore Designs. Thanks to Stephanie for allowing me to post it on my blog!

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  1. Clare R Avatar

    Thanks for republishing this! I love the feeling that I get when I walk into a home that seems to just wrap me right up and adopt me for the duration of the visit.

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