“Out” and About

Benjamin, Esther, and Jesse enjoying the great views out the bus windows.

Well, as Olivia mentioned yesterday, we went visiting Jeremy’s grandparents last night. It was a test run for the new bus, which we hope to take on a two week road trip in July. Let’s just say that it was good we did a test run. Between now and July the guys should be able to figure out why the bus fills with the smell of ‘something’ burning when we go up a big hill, and what type of fluid sprayed out of the back of the bus, splattering the trailer the whole way there. Oh, and hopefully they’ll be able to fix the fuel gauge – we literally ran out of diesel in the driveway – it quit right as Jeremy was finishing parking. Wow – we were glad it made it that far, especially with the lovely dinner Grandma had piping hot for us!

Nathanael, Benjamin (plugging his nose against the fumes) and Havalah in one of the back bunks.

Other than those minor issues, we really like the new ride. It’s nearly a third longer than our old bus, and quit luxurious! Jeremy has been working on it for the past month, installing salvaged seats and seat belts, a sound system, bunks for 7+ in the rear of the bus, and more.

Joanna, Isaiah, and Elise playing Settlers of Catan with me.

The air-ride is great – allowing us a gentle enough ride to play Settlers on the way! Me and the girls are gonna design a “Custom Catan Table Cloth” for the table, with pockets for all the cards to minimize accidents if the bus driver makes a sharp turn or fast brake.

Jeremy driving, with Dad in the co-pilot’s seat.

Well we have been busy, too, and would be heading in to a time of virtual famine on the blog – but for blogger’s new scheduled publishing feature! If you like to keep your blog regularly updated (as I do) but are extra busy at certain times of the week or month, you can now schedule pre-prepared posts to be published whenever you command. Cool. We are going on a little trip to the Outer banks of Delaware next week with Jeremy’s family, but hopefully you won’t miss us too much, as I am preparing some posts to publish while we’re gone – neat, huh?

Finally, this post does have the label “Jesse Moments“, and here’s the story that warranted the title and label…

At Grandma and Grandpa’s last night, most of the kids were playing outside, but Jesse and his cousin Esther were being kept inside as it was easier to keep an eye on them. Jesse kept grabbing people’s hands and pulling them to any door that led outside and knocking. He did want to go outside. So, at one point he got his Great Grandma in tow and took her to the door and – here’s the cool part – clearly said “Out!” Grandma came into the living room proudly bragging on her great grandson using his words with her – “he must know that Grandma doesn’t know sign language!” She laughed. I wished I had heard him myself. Then this morning, Jesse said it for me! I was getting him dressed and asking him if he wanted to go out, and he started babbling and then yelled “OUT!” I was so proud of him! And I know you are too!

So, this is a bit of a goodbye for now from this sister, as well, but you will be hearing from me while I’m away! We leave Sunday afternoon and will be back Thursday. TTFN

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  1. Mikeystars (David) Avatar

    Settlers of Catan! I saw that picture and recognized the game right away. I didn’t know so many other people played it. ~Mikeystars (David)

  2. Abbey Avatar

    That is soo cool!

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Yee-haw!!! The ride looks like fun – specially playing Settlers of Catan on the way!!! I was so excited when I saw that picture! I’m like “I know what they’re doing!!!” What fun! Nice idea for the table cloth too! It would be “slightly” interesting to go chasing after cities and coal when the bus banked on a turn!!! lol

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