Of Shopping Carts and Shoplifting

Well, Day Two of my commitment to more words on this blog. This is going to be trickier than I thought. It really is easy to go into Picasa and quickly post the latest cute pictures of Jesse, it’s much harder to actually get around anything more than captions to those photos. See, here it is almost 2pm – I usually post by 10am. I ask myself why I don’t have time to blog more – after all, I seem to be able to keep up with all the blogs I like to read – but then I remind myself that is because
1. I use Google Reader, and
2. I can do that easily while holding or nursing Claire.
Composing something takes more time and preferably two free hands. Oh, and I have all these lovely posts floating around in my head, like, “How NOT to Use Your Microwave”, and “The Helpfulness of Jesse”, and “The Adventures of Beauty and the Boy”. I compose these while doing dishes or trying to take my afternoon nap. I want to tell you about my favorite new cookbook, and my new favorite blog, and I would love to figure out how to take a picture of my living room curtains with proper lighting, but alas. I guess you will just have to stop in sometime if you want a wider view of how we are doing and what we are up to.

Today I went shopping – all by myself, with two kids. (I know that sounded like a contradiction, but it wasn’t!) I kept myself to two stops – it would have been one, but Wegmans only carries playdough seasonally. (Hmm – if February isn’t the season for playdough, I don’t know what is!) I picked up three cans at Walmart for Jesse as we have some long hours planned in ski lodges in the next few weeks.( I wanted to make it myself, but I don’t have time this week, and it was only 78cents a can. If you have a recipe you like, though, please pass it on!) Jesse and Claire really are good shoppers – Jesse loves the carts with kid cars on the front at Wegmans, though momma gets a little frustrated trying to maneuver those limo-sized grocery carts around the store. Claire sleeps the whole time, oblivious to all the fun. We only had one occurrence of shoplifting when the grocery cart got too close to the matchbox cars in walmart – thankfully, momma spotted the filched item before we left the store! LOL

Got home, heated up lunch and fed the hungry kids and husband, washed dishes, put away groceries, put the boy to bed, snatched a little computer time, and now it’s time to bathe Claire (you’ve herad of a milky complection? This girl’s got it! :)). Then it’s off to our naps! Hooray! Mommy loves naps…

3 responses to “Of Shopping Carts and Shoplifting”

  1. Becs Avatar

    Here is another playdough recipe. I love it and usually add some sort of scent to it. I find it sometimes if a let http://www.fortycarrots.com/news1.cfm?ID=32It makes plenty, but a lot of time I double it just to have some saved up.

  2. Trina Avatar

    thanks, Serena! I’ll bookmark that for when this stuff gets worn out (as it surely will with a two year old playing with it!)

  3. Serena Avatar

    I have only tried one recipe for playdough, but it is so good, I’ll never try another. It is better than Play-Doh. Really. Here’s the link:http://mymontessorijourney.typepad.com/my_montessori_journey/2008/10/homemade-playdo.htmlIt makes PLENTY, too. At least 3 Play-Doh containers <>full<>. I added a bit of vanilla extract, and it smells just like Play-Doh. It’s wonderful.

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