Of Pigs, Monkeys, and Bears

Five minute Friday’s writing prompt: On Waiting…

When you think about it, it’s amazing how much of our time we spend waiting for things.

But lately I have felt like I’m very much in a season of reaping the seeds of waiting I sowed in the past. I find myself enjoying and living in the now more than I think I ever have. This is good.

I have waited for little feet running to meet me – wet from the shower, splatting along the floor, leaving tiny, chubby footprints.

I have waited for a little child to mimic animal sounds and laugh when I join in.

I have waited for a child to say, “Let’s play jungle!” and pretend to be something he is not – Baloo the Bear.

I have waited for a child to hear a lullaby for the first time from me. For a child to ask for the same favorite song each night when we’ve turned out the lights. “Bird song, Mamma, Bird song!”

I have waited for bear hugs from little monkeys, feeding my own little pigs, the splashes as they finally get clean in the tub.

For these children I waited. And prayed. It was worth the wait.

4 responses to “Of Pigs, Monkeys, and Bears”

  1. Colleen Avatar
  2. rahraht Avatar

    Thanks for this, Trina. I too am waiting for these things. But first, I am waiting for a husband ๐Ÿ™‚ I am fortunate to have nieces and nephews to enjoy meanwhile. I've also been told on more than one occasion that I act as if my students were my own children. “Sigh” It's true. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kateri Avatar

    When I was writing my post, I was thinking about how if I ever have children, I hope to savor ever moment of their young lives(rather than waiting impatiently for them to grow up!). It sounds like you are doing just that. You are very blessed.

  4. Emily Avatar

    Found you through Gypsy Mama… I love your post. I waited a long time for my own little boy — now almost 2. And yes… He was definitely worth the wait.

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