Of Pancake Zoos and Native Accomidations

 Our road trip last month was another chance to relive some fond memories and experiences from the homestead. Considering the bus’ difficulty keeping us cool at times, we cooked outside as much as possible. Thankfully, I don’t mind cooking over an open fire. Apparently, neither does my father-in-law.

 His specialty is shaped pancakes, which thrills the grandkids and even impresses the adults. He made this tipi pancake just for me.

 Jesse got a snake. And an elephant. And a Rhino. Claire got a giraffe. I’m not kidding. Grandpa’s quite the artist.

 Seth got Ostrich eggs. Now THAT takes talent.
(Homemade Bisquick Mix recipe)

 Pancakes weren’t the only thing that gave me flashbacks. The campsite in Missouri actually had tipis you could rent to camp in.

 I enjoyed showing Jesse a real tipi and telling him how I lived in one when I was little.

It was amazing to stand inside this tipi and have the memories flood back. I found myself so grateful that, though that was a hard season in our family’s life, by God’s grace I mostly remember the good parts and a chance to revisit a tipi was actually a good thing.

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  1. Kateri Avatar

    Love Jesse's snake! I've never made shaped pancakes. I should try that next time Terry's grandsons are over for breakfast (I often make pancakes for them).

    The tipi looks pretty small compared with the one your family had…but I bet it wouuld be fun to camp in. It looks so light and airy inside.

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