Of Lists and Loans

I have just spent a delicious half hour strolling through my favorite blogs via the ‘next’ button on my Google tool bar – a treat I only allow myself after all other work is done. Today’s white-board-listed-items that have been crossed off include…

1. “make estimate for flowers” Figure estimates for flower costs for next wedding – call and confirm my role as florist and coordinator with bride’s mother.

2. “Laundry” three loads washed, one dried, one drying

3. “Groceries” with both kids in tow – you have no idea the sense of accomplishment when I get this done on my own!

4. “Walmart” I remembered even the items I forgot to write on my list, and found some fabric for $1.50/yard to use with my next project (see #6) This means I won’t have to visit wally’s world for another month, perhaps.

5. “Prep Dinner” wich will be meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and homemade applesauce.

6. “Interlibrary” This one refers to my quest for a japanese sewing book. Any japanese sewing book. That I don’t have to pay for. At least not till I decide I like it. Thank heavens for helpful blogs and people and interlibrary loans to help me on my way to supplementing my wardrobe with more handmade pieces. I spent about an hour searching for which books I wanted to search for – yes, it was about as confusing as it sounds because these books are all in japanese! Finally found that one of them IS avaible through interlibrary loan, and I have ordered it and in a few days it will be just down the road, waiting for me to love it for 3 weeks. How cool is that!?

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  1. Pam Avatar

    I’ve been knitting a sweater from a Japanese book for several years. If the sewing books are like the knitting books, you’ll be OK. The knitting books represent most things graphically, and with a few hints from other bloggers, I THINK I’m OK. The sweater is pretty complicated though, so I leave it for simpler projects fairly often.You’ll also (as you probably already know) love the beautiful pictures and be inspired! Besides Yes Asia, Amazon.jp is an option if and when you’re ready to buy.

  2. Miki Avatar

    my daughter adores japanese sewing and crafts books. she has several that she uses frequently to make the dearest little things. a dear friend of mine, sakiko, who is not crafty, passed one along to me that had been passed along to her… it was for making barbie clothes. she has all boys;) i am philosophically/morally/esthetically opposed to barbies, but man-o-man there were some things in that book that were cute enough to temp me;)i am pining for a japanese book on how to make “house shoes”

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